Prosecutor’s Office has already searched for Pati Chapoy for the woman who attacked her

The prosecution already contacted Party Chapoy to see if the founder of windowing wants to take some legal action against the woman who verbally assaulted her almost two weeks ago, when she was having coffee with Ernest Hernandez in a plaza in Mexico City. “The Prosecutor’s Office already wrote to her and a while ago, … Read more

Ignacio López Tarso declares his love for an actress; flatters her beauty

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 09.03.2022 14:31:31 At 97 years old Ignacio Lopez Tarso has shown that age is just a number does not determine dreams or productivity of any person, that is why the actor expressed his desire to resume his career in the theater during a film event where he took the opportunity … Read more

Windowing: Daniel Bisogno’s daughter releases rudeness in the middle of the program

Written in CELEBRITIES the 26/2/2022 · 15:48 hs Daniel Need He is known for not keeping his posture even when he is on the air in “windowing“ nor because Pati Chapoy scolds him, and apparently his daughter Michaela is just like him. The program of shows TV Azteca invited the hija de Need to celebrate … Read more

“It’s not a costume”: Priest who dressed as a charro during Vicente Fernández’s mass explained his action

Written in CELEBRITIES the 18/12/2021 · 11:26 hs “It is not a costume”, Óscar Sánchez Barba, the priest in charge of the mass of the present body of Vicente Fernandez, after a particular action that he carried out during the religious ceremony became viral. A video recorded when the priest, at the end of the … Read more

Pati Chapoy is violently threatened by a fan of Maite Perroni

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 08.10.2021 08:47:46 Pati chapoy, famous host and owner of Windowing, received a violent threat by a fan of Maite Perroni, former member of RBD, after the presenter launched a criticism for her alleged despotic behavior with TV Azteca and other media at the Platino Awards. Thus, ‘Ventaneando’ evidenced the show … Read more