Boca did not get off the pass market and now seeks the incorporation of an attacker who goes on the wings

Boca He added Edwin Cardona and Javier García in this transfer market, in addition to the footballers who returned from their respective loans. When it seemed that it would stay with the current squad, the “Xeneize” is in search of a new reinforcement. The journalist Martín Costa reported in Halcones y Palomas (Monday through Friday … Read more

Did they lose their wings? Boston Celtics and their slowdown in the Playoffs | Argentina

If we had to highlight the two main problems that the Boston Celtics before Miami Heatwe could talk about how Kemba Walker is having a hard time hiding in defense, added to all the problems they are having every time they have to face zone 2-3 of the Heat. The first of these factors is … Read more

A “V”-shaped plane … an airplane that may carry passengers on its wings in the future, making its first successful flight

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Researchers have conducted the first successful flight of the Flying-V, a futuristic, fuel-efficient aircraft that may someday be able to carry passengers on its wings. The Flying-V’s unique design places the passenger compartment, cargo compartment and fuel tanks in the wings. Experts hope that the aerodynamic shape of the … Read more

Salzburg bring forward Schofield from Black Wings Linz

18. August 2020 © APA / APA (Archiv) / GERT EGGENBERGER Salzburg has secured the services of Canadian striker Rick Schofield from league rival Black Wings Linz. The eight-time domestic ice hockey champion announced on Tuesday. The 33-year-old Schofield has already had seven league years in his legs, played the last four seasons in Upper … Read more

Imported frozen chicken wings from Brazil are tested positive for Coronavirus in China

SHENZHEN, – Samples chicken wing frozen imported from Brazil, tested positive corona virus in Shenzhen city, China. Authorities announced it on Thursday (13/8/2020), and it is the latest case in a series of product reports imported food which is contaminated. Corona virus detected on Wednesday (12/8/2020) in surface samples taken from a group of … Read more

China found traces of coronavirus in chicken wings

In a chinese city found traces of coronavirus in a batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil. The local authorities confiscated the batches of the product and ordered the testing of all personnel who could have touched the product. So far, they say, all workers have tested negative. In Shenzhen, a city in the … Read more

Talalaev leaves Wings of the Soviets

Andrey Talalaev / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich According to, Andrey Talalaev will not work with “Wings of the Soviets“In the Olympus-FNL championship. The 47-year-old specialist will most likely continue to work in one of the Tinkoff RPL clubs. According to our information, interest in him is shown by “Ahmat“And”Ural». Works in … Read more

The condor is capable of traveling 170 kilometers without moving its wings

An Andean condorImage: Facundo Vital According to new research, the world’s largest flying bird –the Andean condor— he is able to stay in the air for 5 hours and cover more than 160 kilometers without having to flap its wings not once. Weighing more than 15 kg and a span of 3 meters, the Andean … Read more