Women Who Wipe Face With Covid-19 Corpse Saliva Will Be Reported to Police Page all

KOMPAS.com – The action of a woman with the initials HL who refused and cursed at the Task Force Team when they were about to be evacuated to Batam will reported to police. Head of the Batam Health Service, Didi Kusmarjadi, said that HL was considered to have troubled and endangered others and had the […]

A cruel blow to an elite Czech biathlete! All you have to do is wipe the tear and put your feet on the table

She didn’t even have enough time to get ready to prepare for the season. The episode, which the Czech biathlon representative Eva Kristejn Puskarčíková has almost forgotten, has had a bad effect after a few weeks and she can’t just wave her hand over it. She contracted borreliosis and the team’s first foreign training ended […]