Live image leaked of ‘Huawei Watch Buds’ built-in Bluetooth wireless earphone

Source: Huawei Central Live images of Huawei Watch Buds, the latest smartwatch from Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei, have been leaked online. Live images show a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds mounted on the underside of the watch dial. Details are yet to be confirmed, but the smartwatch appears to act as a case of … Read more

Xenix TITAN GT AIR Perforated Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Dana and DPG Defy My Heart

In my case, I often use a mouse while using various development tools, but I have experienced that the weight of the mouse is felt more or the wrist or arm feels strained as a result of prolonged use. I’m feeling it. In particular, various lightweight mice have been released in earnest since the second … Read more

The Smartwatch in which you can store two wireless earphones

Update: A certain smartwatch will be able to store two wireless in-ear headphones in its case. Unfortunately, the launch event that was originally scheduled for today has been postponed. The Chinese company Huawei has rescheduled the organization of the event during which the Watch Buds smartwatch will be launched. The announcement was published on Huawei’s … Read more

MMD releases Philips wireless gaming headset with 45 hours battery life – Gaming – News

Manufacturer MMD releases the Philips TAG5106. This is a wireless gaming headset with a stated battery life of 45 hours. The headset can be connected wirelessly in various ways, but wired use is also possible. Of Philips TAG5106 Not only supports 2.4GHz connection via USB dongle, but also can be connected via Bluetooth 5.2. In … Read more

Xiaomi Wireless Switch, the brand renews its simplest gadget

Xiaomi long ago began to offer home automation products for on ecosystem. One of the first gadgets she offered was her Xiaomi Wireless Switcha simple switch that has now been updated with a new Bluetooth version. This simple switch allows us a free configuration to interact with other elements of our home with just one … Read more

AR printing expresses the meaning FUJIFILM instax SQUARE Link wireless photo printer

Of course, Christmas and New Year should be celebrated with family and friends. Use your mobile phone to take pictures of unforgettable moments with your loved ones. In addition to sharing them happily on the Internet, there are even more gadgets to express your feelings. FUJIFILM instax SQUARE Link instant photo printer, in addition to … Read more

MSI CLUTH GM31 gaming mouse series out of the box: both wired and wireless are smooth, and the lightweight design upgrades the control experience! | T Kebang

For e-sports players, in order to create the best gaming experience, in addition to the most critical computer hardware performance and the specifications of the monitor displaying the game screen, another crucial thing is the “control interface”. Many games require more precise and sensitive control skills, such as FPS or MOBA games, where reaction speed … Read more

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 SE: a smartwatch with a 2-week battery life and wireless charging, a feature of premium smart watches

If you still haven’t decided what gift you would like to receive next period, HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 SE it’s an idea you can’t go wrong with. Whether you put it on the list for loved ones or keep it just for yourself, the new smartwatch from categoria wearables from Huawei comes with features you … Read more

Fujifilm’s new wireless photo printer instax SQUARE Link adds AR creative effects

In addition, there is also the instax Connect function, which combines photos and chatting in a new way of communication. Users only need to use the SQUARE Link app to add text content or effects, and through instax Connect, they can send personalized images to their friends, and the other party can also share photos … Read more

(11/29) Unlimited experience of wireless immersion Brook launched its first wireless headset – Bahamut

Taiwanese game peripheral brand Brook Now (29) days (?)Announced the launch of a new product line “Brook Wireless Headphones”. Inheriting the fine tradition of Brook series products, “Brook Wireless Headphones” adopts 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, which easily achieves ultra-low latency and plug-and-play. It can also be used on PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, and macOS multiple … Read more