Qualcomm is changing its business approach and thus there will be more quality wireless headphones

Only good news for Android smartphone users who want to enjoy music on wireless headphones – Qualcomm will no longer require license fees for aptX and aptX HD. Qualcomm’s aptX and aptX HD license fees were the reason why smaller and even not-so-small manufacturers chose not to equip their smartphones with aptX. Qualcomm demanded a … Read more

Apple will push a cheap version of wireless headphones? iOS 16.4 RC code exposed clues

(Schematic diagram/review of Apple Event) Since Apple launched the wireless Bluetooth headset AirPods, it has set off a wave of true wireless Bluetooth headsets in the market. However, the unit price of AirPods currently sold by Apple is not cheap. It was previously reported that the official intends to launch a cheap version of AirPods. … Read more

Launches HUAWEI WATCH Buds, a smart watch that comes with built-in 2 in 1 wireless headphones, starting at just 9,999 baht.

Huawei Consumer Business Group (Thailand) debut HUAWEI WATCH Buds Wake up to smartwatch innovation on your wrist when these top-of-the-line wireless earbuds are included. 2 in 1 With smartwatch features, you can measure your body values ​​at all times while exercising better. 80 mode While wireless headphones are packed with technology. AI Noise Cancellation To … Read more

Not just lightweight! MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Gaming Wireless and Wired Mouse Hands-on

I believe that many players have noticed that MSI won 15 innovation awards with 14 products at the CES show in January this year, and one of the gaming mice named GM51 is particularly eye-catching. Around 2009, I was still a serious FPS player and even joined several teams to participate in the competition. I … Read more

SoundID AI auto-tunes Corsair HS65 & new lightweight HS55 Wireless

The HS65 Wireless Gaming Headphones newly launched by Corsair are aimed at players who have different needs for different games. Sometimes they want a stronger positioning, and sometimes they want a stronger sense of immersion, so they need to constantly adjust their EQ settings , but it is very troublesome to actually move your hands. … Read more

MSI CLUTCH GM51 Lightweight Gaming Mouse Series Unpacking: Check out the wired and wireless versions at once, and the new design is “bright” for the eyes and a great touch! | T Kebang

For game console players, the controllability of the “handle” determines the quality of the game experience. In contrast, for PC players, the “keyboard and mouse” that are critical to control accuracy are undoubtedly the key. In particular, the mouse is the most important control tool for many games. In addition to using an optical sensor … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro feature our guide to the best true wireless headphones

Samsung is far from having said its last word in the world of true wireless headphones. With its new Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the chaebol intends to demonstrate the extent of its know-how and claim a place at the top. It incorporates the guide to the best true wireless headphones under the label 2nd best “Quality/Price” … Read more

Endorfy Thock TKL Wireless: Wireless and mechanical keyboard under 100 euros

Image: Endorphy Endorgy offers mechanical wireless keyboards in three formats for less than 100 euros: The new models in the Thock series are available in full format, as a tenkeyless version and in the even tighter 75% format. A catch can be the layout. Which buttons are available depends on the model. All keyboards are … Read more