Badji scores two amazing goals with Amiens against Gangoon in the league

Aliou Badji, the first team player in Al-Ahly club loaned to Amiens, scored two wonderful goals with his team, in the match that gathered against Guingamp, today, Saturday, in the 22nd round of the second division. Senegalese Aliou Badji participated in all the possible minutes of the match, which ended with Amiens winning 3-0, as … Read more

Ronaldo’s condition to stay with Manchester United

It seems that Manchester United’s failure to qualify for the Champions League next season will have major repercussions for the team, as it will also lose its Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo. United’s results have clearly declined in the current season, as the team occupies seventh place, which makes it outside the Champions League next season. … Read more

Symptoms are mixed with flu and teething! Specialist warns, it causes death in babies

There has been an increase in rotavirus cases, known as ‘toxic diarrhea’, in recent days. Expressing that the symptoms of the disease in children are vomiting, fever and diarrhea, Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist Dr. İlknur Arslan stated that the disease can cause death. Arslan also underlined that the disease is mostly confused with flu or … Read more

KPK Finds A Number of Inactive Bekasi Mayor’s Assets Rahmat Effendi Doesn’t Make Any Sense – Eradication Commission Corruption (KPK) found several assets of the inactive Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi alias Pepen who were irrational or unreasonable. The KPK said it would explore the origin of the ownership of the property. “We will continue to develop irrational assets because we are still developing,” said Deputy Chair of the KPK, … Read more

Benefits and Side Effects of Papaya Fruit for Health, Interesting to Know – Knowing papaya benefits and side effects before consuming it is certainly good for you. Thus, you can maximize your intake as well as be aware of the possibility of allergies to the content in papaya fruit. Pawpaw is a tropical fruit that has bright orange flesh when ripe. Papaya fruit is also equipped … Read more

65% of Colombians agree that the vaccine is mandatory – Government – Politics

Most Colombians agree that the covid-19 vaccine is mandatory and that the vaccination card in public places, as revealed by a survey conducted and funded by Invamer SAS and known in the last hours. The measurement was carried out between December 20 and January 3 and considered different aspects, such as optimism and citizen perception … Read more

Myanmar’s Brutal Military Tactics: Systematically Burn Villages and Massacre Residents

Ethnic Karen rebels take over Myanmar military base. ©Handout/KAWTHOOLEI TODAY/AFP – There was a terrible sight when the farm laborer finally returned to his village. He was shocked to see bodies burnt in a hut and some of them tied up. Myanmar troops stormed the village of Done Taw at around 11 a.m. on … Read more

Revealed Reasons Indian Companies Dare To Gave Rp 56 T for Kualanamu Airport – GMR Airports International as an airport operator from India smells the great potential of travel flights in Indonesia. This potential is strengthened by the existence of the 10 New Bali program or National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN) which the Government of Indonesia is currently working on. “Indonesia has a well-known tourism potential. About … Read more

Khabarni: An Omani artist publishes romantic clips with (her ex-husband)

Khabarni – Omani artist Zara Al Balushi published a romantic video that she collected with her last husband, in which he appeared kneeling in front of her to offer her a ring and put it on her finger, and she exclaimed with joy. Al-Balushi said in her comment on the video: “Three months after our … Read more

MIT Engineers Testing Idea to Keep the Rover Aloft in the Air Using the Moon’s Natural Charge

PRIANGAN ZONE – Aerospace engineers are always looking for new ways to support their experiments on celestial bodies such as the Moon and asteroids. One of the main obstacles to their work is the lack of energy sources to continue using the equipment for a longer period of time. So, researchers WITH is trying out … Read more