The Ministry of Finance has informed the MoPH of the wrongful withdrawal. Late disbursement of compensation for medical personnel

Mr. Dechapiwat Na Songkhla, Directorbudget bureau disclosed to the economic base explain case call book Refer to the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health. Obtain the allocation of the annual budget for fiscal year 2021, the central budget, for a list of relief expenses. Fix problems and heal People affected by the … Read more

Guinea announces its withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics due to concerns about the new crown epidemic | Guinea_Sina

Original title: Guinea announced its withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics due to concerns about the new crown epidemic According to Overseas Network, July 22, according to Agence France-Presse on the 22nd, Guinea, a West African country, announced on the 21st local time that it would withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics due to concerns about the … Read more

If you are missing any of the most popular GTA mods, there is a reason: Take-Two orders their withdrawal

Rockstar’s parent company has changed the mod policy and is taking down several projects for the DMCA. It seems that Rockstar’s parent company Take Two Interactive is getting serious about the dreaded DMCA, and they are claiming copyrights to several of the most popular mods on the GTA saga, knocking down their access. A) Yes … Read more

Know the daily withdrawal and deposit limits from ATMsماكينات

01:14 PM Monday 19 July 2021 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Automated teller machines offer maximum limits for daily cash deposits and withdrawals that customers cannot exceed, whether on holidays or regular days, according to instructions issued by the Central Bank of Egypt. The maximum limit for cash withdrawals or deposits (cash) from ATMs is … Read more

Sudden resignation!! “Nawat” shocked !! Announcing the withdrawal of “Khun Toi’s Kitchen”

Sudden resignation!! “Nawat Isarakraisin” shocked !! Announcing the withdrawal of “Khun Toi’s Kitchen”, the fans are very sad Fans have been following closely for the COVID-19 illness of the famous host “Nawat Isarakraisil” who previously had a lung infection. Plus, it’s a terrifying Delta species. The medical team ordered him to lie still. Provide high-pressure … Read more

“It breaks my heart”; Bush criticizes the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan – the world

Former US President George W. Bush on Wednesday criticized the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, saying civilians were being abandoned by the Taliban for “blocking”. “Afghan women and girls will have to suffer indescribable harm. It is a mistake (…). They will simply be abandoned for the slaying of these very cruel people (Taliban), and … Read more

Former President George W. Bush criticizes NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

In an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Bush says that Afghan women and girls will suffer greatly. – This is a mistake. They are left to be slaughtered by these very brutal people. This affects me greatly, says Bush. It was the former Republican president who sent forces to Afghanistan in the autumn of … Read more

[단독] ‘Divorce withdrawal’ Hwang Jung-eum, husband Lee Young-don and overseas travel… Honeymoon destination again

[OSEN=최나영 기자] While actress Hwang Jung-eum reconciled with her husband and withdrew the divorce, she and her husband returned to Hawaii, the honeymoon destination. According to OSEN coverage on the 9th, Hwang Jung-eum is currently spending a happy time with her husband and son. Recently, she uploaded a photo of her trip to Hawaii, USA, … Read more

Afghanistan, amid the withdrawal of US troops, is coming under the control of the Taliban, and this is an important lesson for Ukraine – Igar Tyshkevich

In Afghanistan, the exacerbation continues, caused by the withdrawal of US troops from the country… Traffic Taliban take control more and more new settlements, and Tajikistan, against the background of the growing escalation of the conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, intends mobilize 20 thousand reservists to strengthen the common border. Why did this situation arise and … Read more

Thousands of people in Turkey protested against the country’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

Through the loudspeakers, the protesters chanted, “We will force you to implement the Istanbul Convention.” The posters said: “We will not abandon the Istanbul Convention.” Police blocked many streets, and officers kept trying to stop the demonstration column. Protests also took place in Izmir, the capital, Ankara, and elsewhere Turkey in cities. Demonstrations took place … Read more