Wild boars, in Abruzzo selective hunting at night and with the bow – Abruzzo

Positive opinion Ispra. Region approves new disciplinary (ANSA) – L’AQUILA, 01 JUL – A concrete measure to counter the wild boar emergency in Abruzzo, whose massive presence continues to cause serious damage to crops and serious dangers to motorists: the Regional Council has approved the new regulations for the wild boar selection hunting “fundamental tool … Read more

The experts on Ukrainian withdrawal: – This is the strategy

This week, Russian forces have invaded several small towns near Severodonetsk. The governor of Luhansk has sounded the alarm and announced on Friday morning that Ukrainian forces will be withdrawn from the city. – The Russians are advancing without saving any of their ammunition or their soldiers, and they are not about to run out … Read more

Messina, viaduct Withdrawal: on Monday the sea side carriageway reopens. But there is still suffering

Next Monday, at 11, an important step towards normality. But it is fair to say right away that the day when users will be able to travel regularly without torment is not yet around the corner. Indeed, another difficult summer awaits us. Appointment on Monday, as we said, when the first section of the new … Read more

Kiev: “Withdrawal from Severodonetsk”. Lavrov: “Born and the European Union like Hitler”

The Lugansk battle is about to end in the worst way for the Ukrainians. The defense forces were ordered to withdraw from the last outposts of Severodonetsk, to avoid being encircled by the Russians. This dramatic turn on the ground may herald, in the coming days, too to the fall of the twin city of … Read more

Sandra Bullock’s withdrawal from the cinema hides a lesson in maturity for Hollywood to take note of

Success continues to accompany Sandra Bullock. There is more to see than The lost City, the adventure comedy that co-starred with Channing Tatum this 2022, has already surpassed the barrier of 100 million dollars in the United States and is close to 200 in its international total. And it is that Bullock has never stopped … Read more

Ready or Not returns to Steam and the reason for the temporary withdrawal of the shooter in the store is clarified

The multiplayer FPS has been out of the store for several days, but the reason is unrelated to any added violent content. A few days ago the withdrawal on Steam of Ready or Not, a few days after adding a new level where a nightclub had to be cleared of enemies after a massacre occurred. … Read more

Palermo-City Group, towards closing: Baldini and Castagnini, withdrawal and market. Gardini …

An important week for Mirri’s Palermo which lays the foundations for the next competitive season in Serie B and travels quickly towards the formalization of the sale of the majority stake to the holding of Sheikh Mansour Struggling towards the turning point. Earned the deserved promotion in Serie B and defined in detail the negotiation … Read more

Bitkub announces withdrawal of LTC coins from trading platforms

Bitkub Exchange (Bitkub)Notice of Delisting of Litecoin (LTC) Coins from Exchanges with effect on 23/06/2522 at 18:00 (Thailand time) Previously on June 16 Bitkub has been marked DE (Delist) on the symbol of the coin LTC Bitkub Announcing that due to the Litecoin network has added the option of depositing and withdrawing Litecoin coins (LTC) … Read more

Analysis: What does Sadr’s withdrawal from parliament mean, and where is Iraq heading?

Reporting by Nadine Ibrahim, as part of the CNN Middle East newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter (click hereA) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– After 8 months of political paralysis, the Iraqi political kingmaker ordered his bloc to withdraw from Parliament. The resignation of the entire group of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, consisting of … Read more

[Badminton]Xie Yingxue announces mixed doubles withdrawal from Indonesia Open

[Sports Road News]The Hong Kong badminton team, which has just finished the Indonesia Masters, has spread bad news after the food poisoning incident earlier. Xie Yingxue announced on social media today (13th) that he has contracted a new type of pneumonia and will withdraw from the Indonesia Open tomorrow (14th) with mixed doubles partner Deng … Read more