‘The Boys’ actor could be the next Wolverine in Marvel movies

After the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the rights to several Marvel characters were recovered, including Fantastic Four y X-Men and perhaps one of the most anticipated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Wolverine, but it is almost a fact that Hugh Jackman He will not return to play the mutant, but there … Read more

The “Wolverine Watchers”, the militia of coronavirus skeptics that planned to kidnap a US governor.

Drafting BBC World News 4 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, Whitmer took serious steps to curb the coronavirus in Michigan. A group of armed men create a militia, meet in secret and plan to kidnap a governor and start a civil war … It sounds like a plot from a third-rate action movie, but … Read more

Wolverine comes to Fortnite Battle Royale exclusively in the battle pass

As the leaks made by the data miner anticipated, Wolverine has reached Fortnite Battle Royale. Wolverine joins the War on the Nexus, Season 4 of Chapter 2 which is dedicated to the Marvel superheroes and villains, who are teleported to the world of Epic Games to save it from the destructive lusts of the World … Read more

Video Games: Fortnite: Wolverine can make you lose weapons! Epic Games warns d

Updated 10/01/2020 at 3:23 PM Fortnite featured the content for season 4 on August 27 of this year. The official trailer showed the new Avengers skins that were enabled in the Battle Pass; however, all of the Marvel content has not yet arrived. Well, today October 1, Marvel Studios and Epic Games announced that the … Read more

In video | Successful ship rescue operation in Bocas de Ceniza

In development of a marathon maneuver that took more than 18 hours the Nordic Wolverine tanker that had been stranded since last July 19 in the Bocas de Ceniza sector was rescued last night. The salvage operation involved the refloating and towing of the vessel carrying nine types of chemicals. The 158-meter-long Norwegian-flagged ship was … Read more

US tugboat, key to stranding ship

With the arrival in the port area of ​​Barranquilla of the specialized tug “Ocean Sky” from the United States, the second phase of the rescue plan for the ship Nordic Wolverine began, which has been stranded since last Sunday, July 19 in the Bocas de Ceniza area . Three other tugs are also participating in … Read more