Olympics only for the chosen ones. Even the Chinese won’t buy tickets anymore

The organizers of the games said last September that no foreign spectators would be allowed in Beijing. But they promised to allow a home audience to visit the sports grounds. The Chinese authorities canceled these plans on Monday. Just three weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics, China reported 223 new cases, informs AFP … Read more

Conner Rousseau wants a French-style vaccination pass: “Without a vaccination certificate, you won’t go anywhere”

The question agitates our politicians: the vaccination obligation is entering the debates in the House this week. The Flemish Socialists have already positioned themselves in favor of it, but their president Conner Rousseau reaffirmed his opinion with the Standaard on Monday. “As long as a certain percentage of Flemings and Belgians are not vaccinated, the … Read more

You won’t believe..Ahmed Abu Hashima.. breaks his silence and makes exciting statements that shock everyone..about his repeated visits to Mai Izz al-Din?

2022/01/16 It’s 09:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima is one of the most prominent names that enjoys wide attention locally and in the Arab world, especially after his association with screen star Yasmine Sabry, and before her the artist Haifa Wehbe. Before his association with the artist, Yasmine … Read more

The woman who tortured King Farouk and hit him with a carbine in his bedroom for a shocking reason.. you won’t believe who she is!.

King Farouk wrote in one of his memoirs that “Miss Naylor,” the English nanny whom King Fouad, his “father” chose to take care of him, had beaten him with a carbine a lot. According to “Akhbar Al-Youm”, King Farouk mentioned that his mother, Queen Nazli, was trying to prevent the nanny from beating him, but … Read more

You won’t believe what Kanye West said about Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend!

The effects of the global starKanye WestGreat controversy with his attack through a song on Habib, the reality TV starKim kardashianPete Davidson.“God saved me from the accident just to kick Pete Davidson’s ass,” Kanye West said.And the foreign websites circulated a video clip of the famous rapper Kanye West, leaving a nightclub, after a strange … Read more

Omikron won’t get delta small after all: “In the worst scenario, delta variant can take over again”

© BELGIAN The omikron variant does not get delta completely small. The delta variant still accounts for 15 percent of the number of infections, a share that is barely falling, virologists say. In intensive care, this ‘old’ variant even accounts for 80 percent of the number of new admissions. Why is that and what are … Read more

Finally… The identity of the “secret” husband of Cinderella, Soad Hosni, who conquered Israel and caused the suicide of 6 Mossad officers, was revealed. You won’t believe who he is?

2022/01/14 It’s 01:00 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The beginning of the acquaintances: We thank you for your good cooperation with us..a sentence that is repeated often, especially after it has become a comic that many choose to comment on many events we are going through, Although some do not know that this sentence … Read more

You will not believe.. the engagement of Princess of Art Mai Izz al-Din.. ignites the internet and leads the trend after 40 years of spinsterhood.. you won’t expect who the groom will be?

2022/01/13 It’s 05:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite No one knows the reason for the delay in the marriage of the Egyptian artist Mai Ezz El-Din, who has a beautiful face and charming features for all this time, which made her one of the most prominent spinsters in the artistic community after she crossed … Read more

Doddy Sudrajat Loses Again, The Sky Gala House Won’t Be Confiscated by the State: The Ministry of Social Affairs Supports!

Sosok.ID – Follow up reports Doddy Sudrajat, Marissya Icha conduct virtual meetings with parties Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs). Ministry of Social Affairs check the report Doddy Sudrajat about Donate house for Gala Sky Andriansyah. Party Doddy Sudrajat sued this because of the fundraising that was initiated Marissya Icha considered unlicensed. On … Read more