A wooden iPhone 12 Pro worth 10,000 euros: the Apple 1 by Caviar

April 1, 1976 -A whopping 42 years ago-, in the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California, the Apple-1, a personal computer designed and created by hand by Steve Wozniak, ultimately one of the fathers of the personal-use PC revolution, but at the time an unknown engineer who had created the Apple 1 for personal … Read more

Beautiful wooden bridge … in the middle of Pitten, over a beautiful pond

Regionauten-Community Elisabeth Peinsipp Would you like to follow this profile? Don’t miss the latest content from this profile: Sign up to receive new content from profiles and districts in your personal feed to follow. × Do you like this content? Sign up to “like” this content. × Like 0 times We put the year 2020 … Read more

Groninger drives through Europe with a 14-meter-long wooden rocket full of seeds

He built the missile as a “weapon” that can be used to save the world when the environment really goes wrong. “The joke is that I try to improve the world with my fictional space company, but it shows how difficult that is. Traveling with a low-loader with a wooden rocket is not really environmentally … Read more