Worker falls from scaffolding and dies in the center of Rome – Lazio

Tragic accident not far from via Veneto Fatal accident at work in Rome. This morning around 9.15 a worker fell, dying instantly, from a scaffolding in via Boncompagni, not far from via Veneto. Based on an initial reconstruction, the man would have fallen while he was on the structure for reasons yet to be ascertained. … Read more

Rome, worker died after an accident at work today 30 June 2022

Another worker died on the job in Rome. This is what happened today, June 30, around 9:15 am. The facts, on which the police are investigating, are under investigation. The investigators went to the site, at number 72 of via Boncompagni after being alerted by 118. According to initial reports, the worker – a 45-year-old … Read more

Crushed by a machine in via Novara in Legnano, a worker is seriously ill

<!– –> Accident at work in via Novara 84 in Legnano. Shortly after 11 am today, June 27, at the LTC Group company a worker remained crushed by a machine. The 38-year-old man sustained severe injuries to his head, chest, back and arms. In a field right in front of the company, the helicopter rescue … Read more

Prato, a social health worker stole ATMs from dying patients: reported

Rubava i ATM ai dying patients and in one case she had even taken possession of that of a recently deceased person. With this accusation was reported dai carabinieri a social and health worker from the hospital Saint Stephen from Prato. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, once the cards for electronic payments were … Read more

Worker overwhelmed by train dies while working next to the tracks – Chronicle

Città della Pieve (Perugia), 21 June 2022 – Absurd tragedy at work in Ponticelli, a hamlet of Città della Pieve: a worker died when he was overwhelmed by a passing train. The man was working on the ducts on the side of the conventional railway line Florence-Rome (called “slow”) when he was run over by … Read more

Prato stole from the dead and hospitalized: socio-health worker denounced

Prato, 21 June 2022 – Without mercy. TO Prato a social health worker was reported by the carabinieri for having stolen ai inpatients nell’Santo Stefano hospital. The woman allegedly took advantage of her professional position to appropriate electronic bank cards by removing them from patients entrusted to her care, all in very serious conditions, as … Read more

Hard Worker, Easy Rich, These 4 zodiac signs will rain soon after mid-June 2022

SUARAMERDEKA.COM – There are interesting surprises, 4 shio this will rain how and suddenly hockey middle June 2022. According to Chinese astrology, there are several shio the famous hard worker so that his life is better and more prosperous. They put aside their ego and thirst for knowledge. This gives them the opportunity to become … Read more

The dizzying time scales of climate change | The worker

“Tens of thousands of children around the world have already organized themselves on the climate issue and play a crucial role in mobilizing the rest of society. The best thing we can do as parents is to go with them. ” Shabane Barot on climate anxiety, climate change and an uncertain future for future generations. … Read more

Healthcare, the employment contract of the 550,000 employees renewed – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 16 – The employment contract of the approximately 550 thousand employees of the Public Health of the National Health Service has been renewed: the hypothesis of renewal of the National Contract for workers in the sector was signed late yesterday evening, from nurses to radiologists to administrative staff, as well as … Read more