Shareholders are demanding an increasing share of national income, at the expense of workers

Workers in an industrial bakery. The CPB predicts a sharp fall in the labor income share for this year and next.Image ANP / ANP A bombshell was hidden in the new economic forecast of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) on Tuesday. The planning bureau predicts a sharp fall in the labor income share (aiq, see … Read more

Córdoba: health workers carried out a torchlight march – News

Health workers continue with their claim in Córdoba and this Tuesday they held a torchlight march in the provincial capital. They met at 7:00 p.m. at the intersection of Colón and General Paz avenues, and moved to Guzmán boulevard. After the interannual increase of 148 percent decided by the provincial government, the workers continue to … Read more

Study: Migrant workers to the Gulf countries return home with chronic kidney disease

Over the past decade, deaths of workers involved in construction work related to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar have drawn global attention to the conditions of migrant workers. However, the researchers say a broader problem is emerging among low-income migrants across hot regions from the Middle East to Central America. According to the agencybloombergChronic … Read more

600 euro bill bonus for workers: who is entitled to it and how the measure works

600 euro bill bonus for workers: who is entitled to it and how it works. Introduced with the Aiuti bis decree, published in Official journal last September 21, the contribution of 600 euros provides for the possibility for Italian companies to contribute to the expenses of their employees to counter the effects of the dear … Read more

Over seventy and without specializations: the Nas discover 165 irregular health workers supplied by the cooperatives

A Catania, in an emergency department, a coop employed doctors who had never specialized in the emergency and urgency sectors. The same that provided untitled auxiliary personnel to the Surgery Operational Unit but officially declaring it as Obs. TO Vercelli there were those who sent professionals over 70 to the hospital – an age higher … Read more

The Directorate of Health encourages more health workers to get vaccinated

TOO FEW VACCINATED: The Norwegian Directorate of Health wants more healthcare workers to be vaccinated against influenza. Photo: Gisle Oddstad The low vaccination rate can lead to pressure on the health service and more people infected in risk groups, according to the Directorate of Health. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) expects that the … Read more

Qatar, the match with the workers who built the World Cup –

from Arianna Ravelli, sent to Doha Journey inside the Labor city, also called Asian City: the city within the city, far from the glittering Doha, which hosts foreign workers. Housing, wages, conditions. But we don’t talk about the dead DOHA Kuame already sat in the stands two hours earlier, but he doesn’t know which of … Read more

Migrants, Meloni wants “more Europe” on the southern front. A flow decree is being studied. Tajani: “We would like workers who have already been trained”

The management of the repatriations it must be “Europeanised“. This approach “is indispensable” and “it takes more Europe on the southern front“, because “alone we cannot manage a flow with dimensions that are now unmanageable”. The President of the Council Giorgia Meloni raises the demands of his government against Bruxellesand it does it from a … Read more