Review of the Czech computer Āsome Studio PRO MiniPC R7. For playing and working in a compact body – Živě.cz

Pros Favorable price Compact dimensions High performance Low consumption Minuses Higher noise level USB 3.2 Gen2 ports are missing Smaller computer setups are gaining popularity today, because not everyone has enough space for a large computer case and not everyone wants to fine-tune their setup visually and performance down to the smallest detail. MiniPCs also … Read more

Microsoft Releases PowerToys 0.65 Spike Update With .NET 7 Support And Is Working On A Quick Launcher For PowerToys For Easy Access To The Best Windows Utilities

Microsoft released PowerToys 0.65.0 this week, but compared to the previous version, the new version does not offer new utilities. However, PowerToys 0.65 comes with some great new features, bug fixes and improvements. Microsoft highlighted three new features, including support for custom formats in Color Picker, and a new description of the selected character in … Read more

The government with Solidarity is working on increases in the budget and seniority pensions

A special working group is to deal with working and pay conditions and state aid in a difficult period of high inflation and rising energy prices. Its work will be led by Marek Kuchciński (on behalf of the government) and Henryk Nakonieczny (on behalf of Solidarity). This is the result of the Prime Minister’s order … Read more

We tell you how to renew the Well-being card; plastics from private banks will stop working

Now by presidential instruction, all older adults who receive the Welfare pension have to change your private bank card for Banco del Bienestar, in order to continue receiving their bimonthly support. The process of changing the bank card, which will begin on December 5 in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, will be gradual … Read more

Developers of Resident Evil 4 remake are already working on final polishing

© Against the backdrop of poor performance A Plague Tale: Requiemas well as problematic launch Gotham Knights and The Callisto Protocolmany gamers began to worry about the technical condition of the Resident Evil 4 remake. The Japanese developers from Capcom were not too talkative, so the insider Dusk Golem decided to reassure the fans, who … Read more

Working 13,000 km from home

A Philippine national who spent several years in Saudi Arabia before reaching his dream destination, Canada, likes the Gaspé even though he is 13,000 km from his wife and two boys. Originally from Dasmariñas in the northwest of the South Asian archipelago, Sherwin Dela Cuesta, a fiberglass laminator, first left his country in 2003 to … Read more

Noise affects working memory and concentration in ADHD

– In the brain there is a system that helps us to direct our attention to something specific and to exclude other irrelevant things. People with ADHD cannot do this as efficiently, which has major consequences for memory and concentration, says Rina Blomberg. Rina Blomberg is a cognitive scientist and has done research in cognitive … Read more

4 signs that your car’s catalytic converter is no longer working

the converter catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system of your vehicle and its main function is to reduce the pollution produced by expelling exhaust gases to the outside. In this way, the environmental repercussion of polluting emissions produced by motor vehicles is reduced. The catalytic converter starts working when the exhaust gases from … Read more

Samsung Working on a Sophisticated Fingerprint Scanner, 2.5 Billion Times More Secure!, Jakarta – Samsung is reportedly developing a fingerprint scanner technology or fingerprint which is 2.5 billion times more secure than existing technology. According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is working on ways to make using the fingerprint scanner more secure. This rumor comes from an interview with ISORG CEO Dieter May, who is … Read more