AMD is working on a solution similar to DLSS 2.0 that will work on consoles and PC

If you are a regular fan of graphics technology and new features, surely you have read or heard about DLSS 2.0, the impressive feature of nvidia cards that allows you to simulate an image at a target resolution much higher than what is being used natively. The result is such that it allows many graphics … Read more

VSStÖ: The turquoise-green government is working against us students!

The VSStÖ shows no understanding of the latest developments in the subject of the UG amendments. Vienna (OTS) – Study law is currently being amended under the leadership of the turquoise-green government. In the future, students must, among other things, achieve a minimum course achievement in the form of a certain number of ECTS. If … Read more

Xbox boss hints that Microsoft is working on a device to stream games from xCloud to televisions

Without openly stating that the company is working on its development, Phil Spencer analyzed the future potential that such an article could offer within its Xbox Game Pass service. Microsoft has hinted at its plans to market a device for users of its xCloud streaming game platform to broadcast to their televisions. It would be … Read more

I bought £ 175k two bed house at home by working seven days a week selling clutter on Facebook.

Do me a favor: please SHARE this post. ONLY Father Brandon Woodhouse sacrificed time with his children to work seven days a week and get on the property ladder. He also sold unwanted clutter in his home, including a kayak, a set of dumbbells, and old clothes and shoes, to help raise the money. The … Read more

The mayor of Manchester, new hero of the English working classes in the face of London centralism

Historically all revolutionary paths have passed through Manchester. Marx and Engels debated in their pubs the condition of the working classes, the masses rebelled against the exploitation of minors in the textile factories, the suffragettes demanded the right to vote, 60,000 people were devastated by the cavalry for demanding the reform of the parliamentary representation … Read more

The Caritas Venezuela Working Group warns of the devastation of the country – Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

He denounces the informational silence on the 73% increase in acute malnutrition in children under 5 years of age during the pandemic. In a releasedisseminated at the end of its work sessions, held from September 28 to October 2, via telematics, the Venezuela Working Group (GTV) of Cáritas Internationalis – made up of 18 national … Read more

Headphones not working on iPhone: EarPods and others with cable

Check the physical condition of the EarPods or headphones You’ve probably already done this, but if not, you should. It is advisable to see almost centimeter by centimeter the headphone cable, including the headphones themselves and the microphone and playback controller if you have one. If you find any particularly bent part or even with … Read more

Education and leaders of the computer industry sector are working on a new computer connectivity and distribution plan

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the design and implementation of the Juana Manso connectivity plan. It seeks to integrate and provide access to technology to all girls, boys and adolescents in Argentina. The Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, met this afternoon with the Secretary of Industry, Ariel Schale; the … Read more

WhatsApp will stop working on these iPhone models and on this version of Samsung Galaxy

Michaël Moisseeff is a geneticist known as “a scent sculptor”, Capable of replicating all kinds of odors and fragrances from molecules. To recreate the smell of a forest, for example, the researcher must go to one and gather all kinds of substances, which then in his laboratory allow him to recreate this aroma. Michaël Moisseeff, … Read more