Not Europe, World War 3 Will Break Out in Arabia, Here’s the Fact

Saturday, May 6 2023 – 08:48 WIB VIVA World – Many suspect that the threat of World War 3 will occur in the European region because of Russia and Ukraine or in the Taiwan Strait, because of Taipei and China. However, this apparently does not apply to geopolitical analyst and author of The Shadow War, … Read more

PD 3 signal from Asia, Kim Jong Un Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called on his country to be ready to carry out a nuclear strike at any time to prevent war. He accused the United States (US) and South Korea of ​​expanding joint military exercises involving American nuclear assets. Kim’s remarks came as the isolated country … Read more

PD 3 Prediction More Real, Called Break 23 November 2023

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The possibility of World War 3 (PD 3) has recently been increasing. This was due to the war between Russia and Ukraine which dragged the military forces of the West and allies. Most recently, the prediction of the outbreak of WW3 was revealed by Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant, Alexa. A … Read more

Jerk! Donald Trump Suddenly World War 3 Warning, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump is back on Twitter. This time he alluded to World War III (PD3). He said he would build an “impenetrable dome” over US soil if he was re-elected as president. Defense turrets were built in preparation for the havoc of WW3. “If … Read more

US Collapse Forecasters Say World War 3 Has Begun

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World War 3 (WW III) has started. This was stated by one of France’s leading intellectuals, Emmanuel Todd, in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro last week. The anthropologist and historian also claims that the West is currently in an existential conflict over Ukraine, contradicting the idea that Russia has … Read more

Putin’s Allies Reveal What the West Fears Most

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Vladimir Putin’s main ally says Russia’s nuclear arsenal and Moscow’s rules for its use are the only factors preventing the West from starting a war against the Red Bear Country. Former President Dmitry Medvedev, now co-chairman of Russia’s Security Council, also said Moscow would continue its war on Ukraine until … Read more

Russia Opens Voice about War with NATO, Ready for WW3?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia accuses Ukraine of attracting the NATO military alliance to go straight to war with it. This was in response to a ‘stray’ missile that flew into the territory of a NATO country which is also Ukraine’s neighbor, Poland. Russian Ambassador to the United States (US) Anatoly Antonov said that the … Read more