A special collection of Kupka’s drawings is heading to the auction. He could also use irony in the encyclopedia

The cycle of one hundred and six preparatory drawings by František Kupka created for the encyclopedia Man and Earth will be extraordinarily presented by Galerie Kodl from 12 to 24 October. Then the work goes to auction. To work on the encyclopedia, Kupka even attended university lectures at the Sorbonne in Paris. The Encyclopedia Man … Read more

In Germany, a former SS unit supervisor is on trial, he is 100 years old – ČT24 – Czech Television

Josef S., as the former SS Nazi warden is mentioned, began working in Sachsenhausen near Berlin in January 1942 as a 21-year-old. Coincidentally, the trial, which began and for which 21 days of negotiations are still planned, should end in January 2022, 80 years after the defendant arrived in Sachsenhausen. He worked here until the … Read more

Ukraine recalled the Babí Jar gorge massacre. In two days, the Nazis shot almost 34,000 Jews – ČT24 – Czech Television

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky laid flowers at a memorial to the victims of the massacre. “Grandma Jar. Two short words sound like two shots, but for several generations they carry long and terrible memories. Because the shots in Babí Jar were unfortunately not two, but there were a hundred times, a thousand times, tens of … Read more

In 1939, the Soviets liberated Poland, says Russia. Expert: Rather stabbed them in the back

The Soviet army liberated Poland in 1939. This is exactly what the Russian Foreign Ministry published on its official twitter account on Friday. To what extent did this revive the sensitive theme of the pact between German leader Adolf Hitler and Russian dictator Stalin, which aimed to divide Eastern European territory between Nazi Germany and … Read more

During a meeting with representatives of the Jewish community, the Pope condemned anti-Semitism – ČT24 – Czech Television

Visit to the Jewish community In the afternoon, the pope visited the center, which cares for sick homeless people. He met with representatives of the Jewish community at the Holocaust Memorial. During World War II, the then Slovak Republic was associated with Nazi Germany. In a speech at the Holocaust memorial, the head of the … Read more

The bloodiest siege in human history. In Leningrad, people starved while walking on the way to work

The second largest city in the Soviet Union became the target of Nazi Germany’s conquest for the first time on September 8, 1941. One of the most important battles of World War II essentially helped decide that Adolf Hitler failed to fulfill his crazy plans to take over Europe. Leningrad was one of the most … Read more

Putin will send containers across the Arctic. Next year will shorten the sea route from Asia

For regular container transport, Moscow wants to use global warming, which will make even the very cold waters of the North Seas accessible. Moscow wants to make the project a major sea route. The United States has previously accused Moscow of requiring permission from foreign vessels if it is to pass through the Arctic. According … Read more

The Frenchman turned a Nazi bunker into a boarding house. People will find a bar and replicas of weapons in it

On the coast of Brittany, tourists can now experience a truly extraordinary night. The bunker, built by the Nazis in northern France during World War II, was renovated and became a guest house. For one-day accommodation for six people, those interested will pay $ 375 (over eight thousand crowns). 2:14 A Frenchman converted a military … Read more

A pensioner from Germany had a tank from the Second World War in his cellar, he was in danger of imprisonment

German lawyers are arguing over how to deal with an 84-year-old retiree who had a German WWII tank, an anti-aircraft cannon and a torpedo in his basement. A court in Kiel in northern Germany tried on Monday to determine whether the pensioner’s collection was covered by a law regulating the production, sale and transport of … Read more