The world’s first artificial meteor shower will occur in 2025 in Japan

You better start memorizing your wishes now, because in 2025 hundreds of shooting stars will rise to the sky – after being dropped from satellites. This will be the world’s first artificial meteor shower by space startup ALE, which will take place in Japan. Shooting stars appear when Earth passes through a cloud of debris … Read more

Indian Man Infected With Plant Fungus, World’s First

CNN Indonesia Friday, 31 Mar 2023 07:30 WIB Illustration. An Indian man became the first human to be infected with a plant fungus. (Pixabay/DarkoStojanovic) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — A man in India reported to be infected with the fungus plant. This case became the first human plant fungal infection in the world. This case study is … Read more

How artificial intelligence will become the world’s largest employer

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly and is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. From chatbots and virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles and smart factories, artificial intelligence is becoming an essential part of the modern world. However, as AI becomes more and more integrated into industry and society, many fear … Read more

The world’s best result of the season Zhang Yufei: Constantly making up for shortcomings and making every effort to achieve good results_Competition_Final_Training

Original title: Zhang Yufei, the world’s best result of the season: Constantly making up for shortcomings and making every effort to achieve good results Just before the inspection, Zhang Yufei was still doing simple training. The head coach Cui Dengrong shook hands with Zhang Yufei and encouraged her. Zhang Yufei, who was sitting at the … Read more

The electric car that can be refueled at the gas station: the best of both worlds in one | Business

Those who want to use an electric drive on their daily trips and at the same time not worry about charging, usually choose hybrid models. These gained popularity almost two decades ago, when many world-class stars began to openly say that they protect nature by driving just such a car. It is true that almost … Read more

World’s Top 3: US Finance Minister Reminds Russia and China to France Ban TikTok

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The world’s Top 3 yesterday started with the United States Minister of Finance who warned that Russia and China would find it difficult to shift the US dollar from international trade. The second top 3 world news is the government Chinese welcome peace between Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Finally, France banned Tiktok, a video-sharing application from China, on the work devices of its civil servants. Here’s the full news:

1. The US Minister of Finance Warns Russia and China If the Dollar Shifts in International Trade

United States Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen on Thursday, March 23 2023, warned that Russia and China would face substantial difficulties amid the efforts of the two countries to create a currency alternative in international trade, besides the USD currency.

Russia is currently withdrawing from a number of transactions using ‘unfriendly’ currencies following widespread sanctions from the European Union and the United States. Moscow has changed the use of currency for international trade with China and India, from USD into the ruble and yuan

“I would of course like to see the USD remain the world’s reserve currency, but at the same time I see an attempt by Russia and China to try to develop another system to avoid the USD currency,” Yellen said at a hearing with the Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee.

Yellen claims it will be very difficult for Moscow and Beijing to realize their goals.

Russia in 2014 began to de-dollarize its economic sector or to be precise when Western countries imposed sanctions after the Crimean Peninsula chose to secede from Ukraine through a referendum and returned to Russia. The process has accelerated after more than $300 billion of Russia’s foreign currency reserves and other assets were frozen by Western countries last year.

The latest data from the Central Bank of Russia shows that the yuan has become the most widely used currency in Russian foreign trade. Russian ruble-denominated settlement of imports rose from 4 percent in January 2022 to 23 percent. Settlement of exports in yuan also increased from 0.5 percent to 16 percent.

Data from the Moscow Stock Exchange shows that in February 2023, the yuan will take over currency The USD is in a lot of trading on the Russian stock exchange, where this incident happened for the first time.

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where the world’s rich buy them

Most of the world’s rich people, whose assets are worth more than 30 million USD, lives in the United States of America (USA). The most popular city is New York, with close to 22,000 millionaires staying here, according to data published by data analysis company Altrata. Reigning at the top of the list, New York … Read more

China Wants to Install the World’s Largest Undersea Ghost Particle Detector

Jakarta – The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced plans to build a neutrino-capturing detector, the world’s most elusive particle. This detector will be built deep under the sea. This detector is not the only one in the world. Similar work is underway to build a neutrino detector in the Mediterranean Sea. One detector was proposed … Read more

Only one Korean university is in the top 50 of the world’s medical school rankings… The reason is Chosun Online Chosun Ilbo

▲Seoul National University logo In South Korea, the top 1% of high school students are enrolled in university medical schools. It turns out there is. According to the “2023 World University Evaluation Ranking in Medicine” released by the British university evaluation agency QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) on the 23rd (local time), 39 medical schools in South … Read more