“Two worlds” separate Trump from the city of his German ancestors

The mayor of the German town of Donald Trump’s ancestry announced before his surprise election in 2016 that if he did something “great” for the United States or the world as president, he would place a plaque in his honor. Four years later, there still isn’t. Kallstadt is the small wine town in southwestern Germany … Read more

Prez Hilton, the world’s most famous blogger

prez hilton recounts his life since he was “a little cuban” from miami in the book ‘TMI: My Life In Scandal’ eL blogger Pérez Hilton, who gained notoriety for airing the secrets of celebrities, claims that his autobiography TMI: My Life In Scandal reflects how his upbringing in Miami and his “addiction” to fame led … Read more

Coronavirus | India, “the world’s pharmacy” accelerates for the vaccine

The India is the largest provider of medicines and producer of 60% of vaccines globally, which has led it to be known worldwide as “The world’s pharmacy”. For this reason, she did not plan to be left behind in this frantic fight to get a vaccine against COVID-19 and it is already fundamental piece in … Read more

The Bahamas launches the world’s first CDBC, the “Sand Dollar”

The Central Bank of the Bahamas announced that the country’s “Sand Dollar”, a state-backed virtual currency, is now available throughout the country. According to a Facebook post on October 20, Sand Dollar Project, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) is put available to the 393,000 residents of the Bahamas as of approximately 10:00 PM UTC. … Read more

Room 77, the world’s first Bitcoin Bar says goodbye to bitcoiners “forever”

The German Bar Room 77, famous for being one of the first places in the world to accept payments in Bitcoin, announced the definitive closure of its doors, leaving behind 9 years of history. Jörg Platzer, owner of the place, posted a farewell on reddit noting that it is not something temporary, so they will … Read more

China Mobile and Huawei install new antennas on the world’s highest mountain

Have coverage on the mountain save lives. Now even the world’s highest peak, Everest, will feature next-generation coverage. Thanks to an alliance between Huawei and China Mobile, the famous Himalayan mountain will be able to offer 5G coverage.

On April 19, the teams of the two companies installed various telecommunications antennas to offer coverage in two Everest camps, located at 5,300 and 5,800 meters, as described South China Morning Post. The installation of this equipment has not been completed and it is expected that by April 25 another antenna will be installed in a camp located at an altitude of 6,500 meters.

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FIFA 21 is here, the world’s number 1 soccer game

The most anticipated moment of the year for all football and video game lovers has arrived. EA Sports presented FIFA 21, the new version of its football simulation, which comes with many new features and the certainty that it will once again attract millions of users around the world. With significant improvements in all game … Read more

Samsung would launch the smartphone with the world’s largest battery in the mid-range

The battery has been one of the elements that in recent years has not changed much in the smartphone market, because instead of creating more durable batteries, manufacturers have focused on faster charging systems, while on the other hand some Brands have also been betting little by little on including larger batteries without noticeably affecting … Read more

October 12, 2020 at Plaza Dignidad / Baquedano: “The meeting of two worlds”

It is October 12, 2020 and hundreds of protesters arrive to Plaza Dignidad or Baquedano, or even Italy. There are many Mapuches, who take advantage of the holiday that some call “race day”, and which for others is simply the day that the debacle and the plunder of the dark America began. There, in the … Read more