The price of the ‘Sultan’ house in Jakarta is getting worse, how come?

Jakarta – Luxurious houses in Jakarta have dropped in price or have experienced a fairly deep decline, currently the houses of the ‘sultans’ are cheaper when compared to the pre-pandemic period. According to calculations by the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (AREBI), the price of luxury homes has fallen by around 15-20% compared to before … Read more

“Wedding at first sight”: Agnieszka and Wojtek remember the birth of their daughter. “The second day was worse”

– We’ll tell you that a lot of emotions, a lot of expectations and stress. Although I thought that I would stress less and somehow it would be a more nervous period. And I noticed that when I was acting, when, for example, Aga called me, that her waters had already gone and that we … Read more

Sparta will test the hundred-kilo Russian for the second time

He attracted them, so they offer him a second chance. “After completing the health tests, the already healed defender will continue the test in our team. It will take place for the next fourteen days. In the autumn, Oleg Pogorishny played less than three matches for Sparta, two in the extra league and one in … Read more

Today 12 Years Ago, Haiti’s Great Earthquake Kills 230,000 People, Damage Worse Than the Aceh Tsunami

GALAMEDIA – Today, January 12, exactly 12 years ago or January 12, 2010, a powerful earthquake shook Haiti. The earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter Scale was devastating Haiti with more damage than the 2004 Aceh earthquake and tsunami. According to various sources, the epicenter was 16 km from Port-au-Prince at 4:53:09 … Read more

in a political party, there is nothing worse than a latent war …

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 6:34 am Through Didier Swysen Denis Ducarme was silent yesterday, even if we are told that he wished good luck to the new and young Liberal minister, Adrien Dolimont… who also lives “in the garden” of the president of the Provincial Federation, Ducarme. . He stopped talking, but … Read more

Crisis Gets Worse, Power Outages Across Lebanon

loading… Residents use emergency lights during a nationwide power outage in Lebanon. Photo/REUTERS BEIRUT – Power outages occurred throughout Lebanon on Saturday (8/1/2022). This situation shows that the crisis is very severe across the country. Electricity of Lebanon is a publicly traded industrial and commercial company that controls 90% of the country’s electricity distribution. “The … Read more

Analysts: December inflation jumped to 6.6 percent. And it will get worse

Year-on-year inflation jumped over six percent in November to about 6.6 percent, according to analysts. This corresponds to an average inflation rate of 3.8 percent for the whole of last year. It is the highest since 2008. According to analysts contacted by ČTK, the driving force of growth at the end of the year was … Read more

Swedbank on 2022: “Better purchasing power for pensioners – worse for employees” |

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Viewership results for “Sylwestra marzeń” worse than a year ago. Polsat is also declining

When checking the viewership results, Jacek Kurski relies on the Real Viewership Model, which uses data from decoders used by Netia’s subscribers. TVP channels viewership results are higher than those indicated by Nielsen’s telemetry. According to his data, over 8 million viewers watched “Sylwester marzeń” on Telewizja Polska. Which does not coincide with the data … Read more