“It will be worse than in Ukraine” – World – tsn.ua

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the violation of stability in Belarus could lead to serious consequences that would be worse than the war in Ukraine. Lukashenka He said that he “feels in his gut” that such a situation could happen. Like, the country will immediately “help”. This is written by the Belarusian … Read more

Drought, mega-fires, record temperatures… Will the heat get worse in the years to come? A climatology expert responds

Every year since 2015 (except last year), the IRM issues a heat alert. So we wonder: what will our future summers look like? Will the current heat situation get worse in the years to come? Michel Crucifix, professor of climatology at UCLouvain and senior researcher at the FNRS, gave some answers this morning on Bel … Read more

Attitude towards game studios from Russia and Belarus has become worse – Igromania

According to the survey Values Value regarding changes in the gaming industry, the attitude towards companies with Russian and Belarusian roots has become worse. Thus, 14% of respondents do not want to work in companies that are connected with Belarus. And almost 37% will not cooperate with companies from Russia. The studio’s connection with Russia … Read more

The water crisis in Europe is getting worse. Reno towards the stop to navigation, in France derogation to keep nuclear power plants running

The water level on the German section of the Rhine River is still lowering, by now just a few centimeters from becoming impractical for navigation. Due to the warm and dry weather over the weekend, the depth, already at an all-time low, has further decreased and the merchant barges they can no longer sail fully … Read more

If You Always Hear This Sound, Attention! It’s Worse Than You Think, Take These Vitamins Now

If we have a disease or if we are in the beginning stages of a disease, our body immediately gives us certain warnings. Sometimes we don’t notice or care about them, but these signals have a meaning. Sometimes our ears ring or we hear a sound, even slowly progressing to hearing loss. Did you know … Read more

Russian economy. The Kremlin hides a corpse in a closet. It is worse than it may seem

The IMF sees the prospects of the Russian economy better. Since the outbreak of the war, unemployment has dropped to a record low, inflation has dropped to Poland’s level, and with this, interest rates are going down Sanctions not working? Scientists from the prestigious American Yale School of Management say that the Kremlin’s publications are … Read more

China’s manufacturing industry unexpectedly shrinks, economic recession worries are even worse, crude oil closes sharply lower | Anue Juheng

Crude oil futures fell sharply on Monday after falling for two straight months in July as fears of a recession weighed on commodity prices. energy commodity prices Delivered in September WTI CrudeFutures fell $4.73, or 4.8 percent, to settle at $93.89 a barrel. Delivered in October Brent CrudeFutures fell $3.94, or 3.8 percent, to settle … Read more