COVID-19: a study revealed that there are antibodies that could worsen the infection

A study conducted by researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai, revealed that in patients who had specific antibodies to the disease, they could worsen the infection in some casesTen months after the arrival of COVID-19, more and more studies and research seek to understand the new disease. However, there is a section that has always […]

Coronavirus: WHO experts warn that a rush approved vaccine could “worsen” the pandemic | Science

Future ones covid vaccines they will not protect all vaccinated people. 100% efficacy is always a dream, but some of the first vaccines against the new coronavirus may be so far from 100% that they are even worse than having nothing, according to warn now a group of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO). […]

Open letter from the UBA Faculty of Medicine regarding Covid-19: The situation will continue to worsen day by day

OPEN LETTER TO ARGENTINE SOCIETY IN THE MIDST OF THE PANDEMIC Today, we pass through Argentina, the most difficult moment of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, measured both in terms of new infections as well as the increasing number of people who die every day. If additional measures are not implemented, this situation will continue to worsen […]

Covid-19. Rushed vaccine run could worsen pandemic

Scientists heard by the British newspaper “The Guardian“reveal their fears about the hasty creation of a vaccine, guaranteeing that it could reduce its effectiveness and, worse, it could further aggravate the pandemic. There has been a race between several specialized companies and even between countries to become the first to have the much desired vaccine […]

Trump expects the corona crisis to worsen

Donald Trump acknowledged the seriousness of the corona crisis on Tuesday evening: the US President expects the crisis to worsen rather than lessen. Unfortunately, it will certainly get worse instead of better. I hate to say it, but it is true, ”said Trump at the White House on Tuesday evening. The President also called on […]

Covid-19 pandemic continues to worsen

The pandemic is worsening worldwide. For the first time, more than one million cases of Covid-19 are reported in just four days. In the United States, authorities in some states had to buy refrigerated trucks because the morgues are full. Despite all this, parties continue to be held with hundreds of people, indifferent to the […]