From bad to worse: WHO warns that the pandemic is worsening in the world and launches an alert of a new wave of infections derived from mass demonstrations

“Although the situation in Europe is improving, globally it is getting worse. That is the balance made this Monday by the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in his regular press conference to report on the evolution of the pandemic. The new coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than […]

Health Risks Due to Lack of Sleep: Worsening Memory, Aging Skin, and Cancer

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Sleep problems are usually experienced by busy workers. Even though sleep itself is a basic human need to support health. Many people think they can get by with less than 8 hours of sleep, as doctors recommend. However, lack of sleep actually has serious consequences for the human brain and body. “The shorter […]

A protein responsible for the worsening of Covid-19?

“New therapeutic approach” Targeting calprotectin could help fight severe forms of the disease, according to a study by French researchers. AFP A protein produced by the body in the context of inflammation could play an important role in severe forms of Covid-19. Targeting it could therefore help fight against the worsening of the disease, according […]

In Brazil, the cacique Raoni transferred to a hospital after a “worsening of his condition”

Cacique Raoni Metuktire at a press conference in Bordeaux, September 6, 2019. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP Hospitalized for two days, the cacique Raoni Metuktire, spokesman for the indigenous cause in Brazil over 90 years old, was transferred, Saturday July 18, by plane to a better equipped hospital due to a worsening of his condition . […]