This Was the Worst Thanksgiving Weekend in Box-Office History.

Yes, Disney’s animated “Strange World” is a bomb — but without Netflix’s “Glass Onion,” the weekend would have been even worse. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is still number one and “Strange World” tanked, but here’s what’s important: The three-day Thanksgiving box office weekend came to $95 million. In 2o19, this weekend’s total was $181 million; … Read more

The worst nightmare that could happen: a paramedic resuscitated her daughter in a fatal accident

Near Calgary, in Canada, a car ran into a pickup truck on a slippery road and the car turned into scrap metal, LNK reports. The seriously injured teenager was pulled out. Paramedics tried desperately to keep her alive on the way to the hospital. She died there. “A fellow paramedic was grieving knowing that a … Read more

[위클리 팟캐스트] Worst cryptography/leap second abolition in 2022

Simple passwords that make it to the top every year. The CyberNews Cybersecurity team and password manager tool NordPass have published their findings on the most used passwords. According to the study, 56 million leaked passwords by 2022 are being published in darknet databases or clearnet hacker forums. The most used passwords are 123456, root, … Read more

This organic egg brand was among the worst in the Italian test in terms of freshness

A new test conducted by the magazine Il Salvagente examined 22 brands of fresh eggs sold in supermarkets, including some organic products. Just one of them, Naturelle Bio, subjected to the water test, presented a “non-optimal” freshness Let’s start with the good news: all the egg brands sampled by the Lifesaver test come out well, … Read more

The story of the saving car that rescued Porsche from the worst crisis in its history

The Boxster appeared in 1993 before the urgencies of the brand to survive. A rush bet that ended in success. In times of almost insurmountable problems, Porsche He found the answer in a compact sports car, more accessible than his emblematic 911 and the result of inventiveness against emergencies. Boxster is not only the name … Read more

The curse of Qiong Yao’s “Seeing a Curtain of Youmeng”? Three generations of Ziling’s full marriage turned her into the worst “Husband was photographed and hugged his sister to the hotel” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chinese actress Zhang Jiani was honored as “the most beautiful concubine” for her role as “Concubine Shun” in “Story of Yanxi Palace”, which made her hit another peak in her acting career. She has been married for 7 years and has 2 sons. Unexpectedly, her husband Maichao was exposed to hugging his sister to a … Read more

THE BALL – Worst case scenario confirmed: Lucas Hernández says goodbye to the World Cup (and there will be seven…) (France)

It’s confirmed: Lucas Hernández, who was injured during the France-Australia, suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, informed the French federation, and ended his participation in the World Cup and probably at the time. It was in Australia’s goal, scored by Goodwin, in the 9th minute, that Hernández, after trying … Read more

Blue Jays’ Manoah calls Yankees ace Gerrit Cole ‘worst cheater’ in MLB history

Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah’s feelings about New York Yankees counterpart Gerrit Cole clearly run deeper than a heated exchange of words during a late-season ball game. On a recent episode of Sportsnet’s YouTube show How Hungry are YouManoah told host and former Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka the Yankees ace is the “worst cheater in baseball … Read more

GPU sales fall the most since the 2009 crisis, with AMD the worst

The graphics card market has been experiencing a big slump lately. The cryptocurrency mania is over, the market is flooded with older graphics, the new ones are very expensive (Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080/4090), or they are still waiting for their arrival on the market (AMD Radeon RX 7900) and there is also a significant drop … Read more