North Korea faces its first and worst outbreak – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

In Pyongyang, the streets are quiet. Photos show personnel working hard to disinfect public spaces. Some streets are closed to traffic, and the military assists pharmacies in packing supplies. Country leader Kim Jong-un has ordered a nationwide shutdown. “A fever without an identified cause has spread around the country since the end of April,” the … Read more

Iris Mittenaere at worst, she launches an SOS from the heart to Internet users

Wealth does not promise happiness. This is certainly all that can be learned from what Iris Mittenaere is going through! Recently, she confided via an Instagram story that she is currently at her worst! Although she has absolutely everything to be happy, this does not prevent her from confronting various problems and facing her own … Read more

This was the worst commercial failure in Sony’s history

The competition between VHS y Betamax began in the late 1970s and lasted well into the 1980s. video players became more accessible, the race grew and in the end he won VHS. Betamax dominated the industry at first, but Sonyyour Creator, he refused to listen to the market and that led to the format to … Read more

Fire in the historic center of Brussels: the resident’s reflex avoided the worst

A fire broke out this Sunday around 8:30 p.m. in the historic center of Brussels, in rue de Grétry, within the Îlot Sacré. The fire started in the kitchen on the 3rd floor of a house. “The occupant had the excellent reflex of closing her kitchen door when leaving her apartment and thus slowed down … Read more

Millionaire losses, this was the worst week in the history of cryptocurrencies

Nightmare week like few are remembered in these young digital assets despite their traditional volatility. Since Thursday, the price of the crypto universe, represented by the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto index, has plummeted 35%. In terms of capitalization, the avalanche of sales has devoured no less than US$700,000 million and fear is rampant. Especially negative was … Read more

– Worst for North Korea since 1948

Thursday 12 May: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks for the first time with a bandage on national television. And with a completely new and fresh message to the country’s 26 million inhabitants: – Now the first case of coronavirus infection has been registered in North Korea. Later the same Thursday: Suspicion that some 10,000 … Read more

Vant «Worst Cooks in America»:

In the summer of 2020, Ariel Robinson (30) from South Carolina won the American reality and food program “Worst Cooks in America”. Barely six months later, she – along with her husband Jerry Robinson – was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death. The indictment came five days after their three-year-old foster daughter … Read more

India’s Worst Heat Wave, Dozens of Birds Fall Every Day All

AHMEDABAD, – Dozens bird in Gujarat State, Indiafall every day due to exhaustion and dehydration due to heat wave that stings. heat wave in the region dry up water sources in Gujarat State’s largest city, Ahmedabad, depriving birds of water. Reported Al JazeeraThursday (12/5/2022) the heat wave that hit this time was the hottest … Read more

Memes and reactions to the premiere of ‘Hasta que la plata nos parte’: “It’s the same and, worst of all, more boring”

Sebastián Martínez and Carmen Villalobos in a new version of ‘Until silver separates us’. Photo: Instagram @canalrcn 15 years ago the Colombian public learned the story of Rafael Mendez (Víctor Hugo Cabrera), a humble merchant whose life changed in one night because he was driving under the influence of alcohol, because his car crashed. Alexandra … Read more

Ibovespa has its worst score since January; Usiminas, Gerdau and CSN have strong drops | Economy

The index registered a decrease of 0.14%, to 103,110 points – the worst mark since January 10 (101,945 points). see more quotes. On Monday, the stock market closed down 1.79%, at 103,250 points. With today’s result, it started to accumulate drops of 1.93% in the week, 4.42% in the month and 1.63% in the year. … Read more