BTS’s Dynamite breaks big records within hours of its premiere

BTS “Dynamite” hit records on YouTube within hours of its premiere, the group K-pop does it one more time. The Bangtan boys made an explosion of energy with their new MV, the trip to the 90s was a message of positivism for ARMY and they debuted for the first time with a completely English song … Read more

Wow! Russia Tests for Hipersonic Nuclear Weapons

Jakarta, Indonesia – Russia continues to strengthen its defense system’s main tool. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Russian Navy would be armed with hypersonic nuclear weapons and nuclear drones. The Ministry of Defense said, this weapon was under final testing. According to Putin, the underwater nuclear drone called Poseidon is a new generation of … Read more

Wow! Antam Gold Penetrates Rp. 931,120, How Much Pawnshop Gold?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Antam’s gold price in the trading last Saturday (7/25/2020) rose Rp 5,000 to Rp 931,120 / gram from Friday’s trade which was Rp 926,120 / gram in line with the increase in world spot gold prices on the international market. The corona virus that still infects global society also triggers demand … Read more

WoW: Echo, a new guild formed by the old Method stiffeners – Breakflip – News, Guides and Tips

Scripe, Nnoggie, Fragnance, Jeath, Justwait… legendary pseudonyms having left Method last monthr. Their future had remained uncertain: would an existing structure have wanted to recruit them? Would the group break up, with each player going to other guilds in Europe like Pieces? Or were they going to create a new guild? This last possibility turns … Read more

Surface Folded Phone Duo Microsoft Guaranteed Wow

Microsoft. Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters – Microsoft will hit the market by launching the Surface Duo folding phone in the near future. Reporting from Cnet, Saturday (7/25), Microsoft will release a sophisticated mobile phone in the next few weeks. READ ALSO: OPPO Reno4 Comes with More Comprehensive Features Microsoft is currently reported to … Read more

Wow! The Idle Investment Task Force Receives 80 Complaints about Jouska

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chairperson of the Tongam Lumban Tobing Investment Alert Task Force claimed to have received many complaints about the clients of PT Jouska Financial Indonesia (Jouska). Even this complaint reached 80 more. “Yes, of course, complaints from the community that we have received and already, in our opinion is enough evidence … Read more

WoW Shadowlands: Theater of Suffering, Bosses, and Dungeon Info – Breakflip – News, Guides & Tips

With the new zones of Shadowlands, the new extension of World of Warcraft, Blizzard will also introduce new dungeons. These instances will be, as usual, doable with five players and in different difficulties. Each dungeon will thus have several bosses that will have to be defeated. The Theater of suffering will be one of the … Read more

Wow! Gojek Appoints Former Amazon Executive to Become Board of Directors

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gojek appoint Severan Rault as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Group. He had previously been poor across the world of software engineering at Amazon, Microsoft, and Kikker Interactive. In a press statement received CNBC IndonesiaSeveran will lead the team responsible for the overall Gojek ecosystem technology. Including team management engineering … Read more