New Zealand suspended its livestock exports after a ship with 6,000 animals on board was wrecked

New Zealand suspended exports of livestock after a ship carrying nearly 6,000 cattle sank off the coast of Japan on Wednesday after being hit by Typhoon Maysak. The ship, Gulf Livestock 1, was on its way to China. The searches of the more than 40 crew members are still ongoing. Thursday the Japanese coast guard […]

Livestock cargo ship wrecked in East China Sea, 41 sailors missing

This photo released by the Japanese Coast Guard shows the body of a cow floating in the East China Sea after the sinking of the livestock freighter “Gulf-Livestock 1” on September 3. AP The Japanese Coast Guard continued their search in the East China Sea, Friday, September 4, to try to find survivors of a […]

“Altered Carbon” – Wrecked by Netflix

“Altered Carbon” contains so much blood, ultra-violence and unmotivated nudity that “Game of Thrones” appears as “The House on the Prairie”, concluded Dagbladet’s reviewer, and gave the first season (2018) dicethrow five. This winter, Netflix released season 2 of the science fiction series “Altered Carbon”, then it was time for an animated spinoff in March, […]

The freighter wrecked off Mauritius broke in two parts

The distance between the two freighter parts is already 30 meters. High waves could soon endanger the rescue work. Around 1,000 tons of oil have already spilled into the sea. The Japanese freighter “Wakashio”, taken on August 13, 2020. The freighter has since broken apart. EPA dgy. The freighter “Wakashio”, which was wrecked off Mauritius, […]