The Hawks again in the red

Atlanta suffered the wrath of Damian Lillard on Monday in the NBA. The Hawks lost 129-125 on the floor of the Trail Blazers, who forced the decision in particular thanks to the 42 points of their star leader. Deprived of Trae Young, hit in an ankle, the Hawks again lacked address. They thus returned only … Read more

TV Series: Death of Lisa Loring, the first Wednesday Addams

American actress Lisa Loring died of a stroke at the age of 64 on Saturday, according to American social networks and media. She played the character of Wednesday Addams as a child in the 1960s TV series ‘The Addams Family’. The death of Lisa Loring, revealed overnight from Sunday to Monday by the specialized media … Read more

SolarStratos welcomes the ambassador of the Mars One space project

The SolarStratos mission received Monday, on its base in Payerne (VD), one of the hopes of the space conquest, the American Alyssa Carson. The 21-year-old is the ambassador for the Mars One private spaceflight project. A candidate for a human mission to the red planet, Alyssa Carson is an astrobiology student, lecturer, businesswoman and renowned … Read more

Shams Sahbani, plastic art and writing, two inseparable purposes

Par Safaa Abou El Houda Casablanca, – A great lover of the visual arts and writing, Shams Sahbani is a painter with a thousand and one facets, always in search of new and rich experiences with a style that is both pictorial and literary specific to this young woman. active and creative. A great lover … Read more

No new millionaire in the Swiss Loto draw

Nobody found the winning Swiss Loto combination on Saturday night. To pocket the jackpot, you had to tick 6, 19, 27, 31, 39 and 42. The lucky number was 2, the rePLAY was 13 and the Joker was 501055. In the next draw next Wednesday, 20.2 million francs will be at stake, indicates the Loterie … Read more

Afghanistan bans girls from writing university entrance exams

Girls banned from appearing in university entrance exams/ Image ANI Kabul: Taliban bans girls from taking university entrance exams in Afghanistan The order is from the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education. Uttavarla says that girls have been banned from appearing for the entrance exam until further notice. The girls were barred from the university entrance … Read more

Hitting workers is hard!The U.S. version of Toutiao today’s news that AI is on the job and writing a manuscript, the stock price soared 119%–fast technology–technology changes the future

The fire of ChatGPT has really spread to the media industry! On Thursday local time, BuzzFeed, the “US version of Today’s Headlines”, announced a partnership with OpenAI, and will use ChatGPT to help create content in the future. According to Forbes, Jonah Peretti, co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, even pointed out in an email: This … Read more

Convert to Roman numerals | Test yourself!

Using the characters 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 is completely self-evident today. After all, Arabic numerals are today the most widespread system of symbolic notation of numbers. Previously, however, the number or quantity was still commonly written in Roman numerals – and in certain cases they are still used today. … Read more

What the world is writing: Putin announced a self-fulfilling prophecy

Le Figaro: The West is lost Philippe Gélie, editor of France’s largest newspaper, Le Figaro, writes that Vladimir Putin has issued a self-fulfilling prophecy by referring to Ukraine as a battleground for a wider conflict with the West and NATO. “Every escalation of Western support for the Ukrainians proves that he is right, with only … Read more

[UX Writing 연구] Make a nice button

This article was written by WIX designer DOMAS MARKEVICUS “Designing the perfect buttonThis is a translation of “. Google’s button design rule : Identifiable, Findable, Clear ClearOne button to make The button must clearly communicate what it is doing without any room for interpretation. The job of the text is to tell you exactly what will … Read more