Microsoft launches special edition of the Xbox Series S to celebrate the Year of the Tiger | Chinese Horoscope 2022 | Consoles | Wireless controller | Video game

On the occasion of celebrating the Lunar New Year 2022, festivity that will take place next February 1, Microsoft has presented an exclusive version of the Xbox Series S inspired by the Year of the Tiger, which was made in collaboration with the Chinese cartoonist Bu2ma. Designed with the traditional lucky colors of the Chinese … Read more

EA would be so disappointed in Battlefield 2042 that it would make it free-to-play

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp There’s no way to hide that Battlefield 2042 it is being a failure. The game losing more and more players Y it’s so bad even cheaters aren’t interested in seeing what it has to offer. … Read more

“Stalker 2”: Developers postpone shooter for several months

Updated on 01/13/2022, 02:00 p.m Bad news for shooter fans. GSC Game World has postponed the release of “Stalker 2 – Heart of Chernobyl” by several months. You want to use the time for the necessary fine-tuning. You can find more gaming news here Fueled by leaks, the rumor mill was already bubbling, now it’s … Read more

Did you buy PUBG? The title will reward you for becoming free-to-play

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp The Battle Royale would not have the success that they enjoy now if it weren’t for PUBG: Battlegrounds. After being one of the genre’s most-played paid titles for years, Krafton is gearing up to make … Read more

The games you can download for free on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC to start 2022 | Video game

What better way to start 2022 with free games! As you read it, if you have a console PlayStation, Xbox The Nintendo Switch, we tell you that you can already access a large number of video game what can you download at no cost some on your favorite platform. The promotion is also valid, in … Read more

The 20 best games you can buy for less than 5 euros in the Christmas sales

We are already fully in the Christmas season and, as usual, digital stores become a minefield with offers, discounts and sales for a limited time. Our portfolio cries to see that the best prices come when we have more expenses, but thanks to this article you will be able to buy cheap digital games for … Read more

Christmas came to ‘Battlefield 2042’ with a new event [VIDEO] | Videogames | Battlefield 2042 | Christmas | Electronic Arts | PS4 | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox One | Xbox Series X | PC | VIDEO GAME

Updated on 12/17/2021 08:10 pm We are getting closer to the end of the year parties, so it is time for all video games of the ‘service’ type to start publishing various events related to the Christmas and the arrival of ‘Santa Claus’, like ‘Battlefield 2042′. That’s how it is, Electronic Arts Y DICE have … Read more

‘Windjammers 2’ already has a release date on consoles [VIDEO] | Videojuegos | Windjammers 2 | Dotemu | PS4 | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox One | Xbox Series X | PC | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | VIDEOJUEGOS

Updated 12/15/2021 11:08 pm The publisher and developer Dotemu, the same as titles such as’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge ‘,’ Metal Slug Tactics’ and ‘Streets of Rage 4 ′, announced that ‘Windjammers 2′ It is coming very soon to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (and Xbox Game Pass) and Nintendo Switch. That’s right, … Read more

The replacement for SWAT and the old Rainbow Six is ​​Ready or Not

Studio Void Interactive, which is behind the development of tactical shooters Ready or Not, in recent days, has enjoyed great interest from players in the Supporter edition, which provides access to the alpha version of the game. The main reason for this demand is gameplay footage on the Internet, which appeared after the end of … Read more

hack//GU Last Recode announced for Nintendo Switch March 2022

Nintendo Switch still trying to findgameCome to feed the players.gameold andnew game For portable play that is convenient without lacking And this time it’s the turn of the RPG to experience .hack//G.U. Last Recode together again next year .hack//GU Last Recode asgameThis installment celebrates the 15th anniversary of the .hack series since 2002 and … Read more