Starmer Denies Labor Purge Following Corbyn Sanction

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia Juan F. Alonso London / E. the Voice 31/10/2020 05:00 h Neither war nor purge. Labor leader Keir Starmer has assured that his intention is not to silence dissenting voices or to standardize the main British opposition formation. However, he defended the sanction imposed against … Read more

Against racism. Portuguese-speaking writers sign an open letter

The document, released this Tuesday, is signed by writers such as Lídia Jorge, Mário de Carvalho, Francisco José Viegas, Mia Couto, Pepetela, José Eduardo Agualusa, Chico Buarque, Luís Fernando Veríssimo or Nélida Piñon. “We demand political commitments that stop the escalation of populism, violence, xenophobia – of all these primitive, backward, obscurant, destructive and abject … Read more

Call Covid-19 as a Chinese virus, Trump floods criticism on Twitter page all

WASHINGTON DC, – President United States of America ( AS) Donald Trump made a fuss at Twitter for the latest chirp. On Tuesday (7/21/2020), Twitter uploaded a short post accompanied by a black and white photo when he was wearing a mask. “We are united in our efforts to defeat Virus China the invisible, … Read more