Believes to have seen Kim’s yacht

Wednesday reports North Korean Professional Research Platform (NK Pro) that regime leader Kim Jong-un’s yacht has been spotted near a sandy beach at his latest residence on the Hodo Peninsula on the east coast of North Korea. NK Pro bases its information on analyzes of satellite images taken on Monday and Wednesday. Twelve days have … Read more

Rotterdam refuses to dismantle the bridge to allow Jeff Bezos’ yacht to pass: “Money does not buy the right to dismantle a national monument”

Not everything can be had with money. It is the lesson that the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, it gave a Jeff Bezos. The local administration has in fact rejected the request of the shipping company Oceanco to dismantle the historic De Hef bridge to allow the passage of the brand new megayacht from … Read more

Luxury yacht collides with rocks in jet-set resort Sardinia: dead and seriously injured | Abroad

Door Our Editors 01 aug. 2022 in ABROAD The yacht is towed to the port of Porto Cervo. Ⓒ Twitter PORTO CERVO – A 63-year-old British man has died in a tragic boat accident in Porto Cervo, a favorite holiday resort of the international jet set on the Italian island of Sardinia. Six others were … Read more

will not dismantle a bridge to let the super yacht pass –

from Foreign editorial staff To leave the yards and set sail, the super yacht Y721 – $ 430 million – had to pass under a bridge considered a national monument, which the mayor had promised to dismantle. Citizens objected: Money does not buy all rights. The duel between the inhabitants of Rotterdam and the founder … Read more

“Come on Qingdao” sounded in London docks and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ended

“Come on Qingdao” sounded in London docks and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race ended Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect combination of beautiful Qinghai and sports. Happy Running … Read more

In a bikini, Chiquinquirá Delgado shows off her incredible figure lying on a yacht and they tell her: ‘What a mamasota’

for weeks, Chiquinquira Delgado is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Europe with his beautiful daughter Carlota. The television host has shared her spectacular walks on social networks through places like Paris, the Vatican City and Venice. Now, the couple of the renowned journalist Jorge Ramos published a photograph sailing on a yacht in Formentera, Spain. … Read more

US official – about the find on the Russian oligarch’s yacht: it gets more and more interesting

At the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday, Deputy US Attorney General Lisa Monaco revealed that this was one of the more “interesting” findings of her team. “Let’s move on to the spicier stuff: yachts.” We found really interesting things in them… in one of them we found a Faberge egg – real or supposed, so … Read more

Americans find very expensive Fabergé egg on Russian yacht | Abroad

US law enforcement officials most likely found a precious Fabergé egg on a yacht belonging to a Russian oligarch seized in Fiji, US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said. According to various media in the US, it is a $300 million yacht owned by sanctioned Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov. This ship, after a legal battle, … Read more

Fabergé Egg on the yacht of the Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov

US officers likely retrieved one of the valuable Fabergé eggs. It was supposed to be located on a yacht they had seized in Fiji, which belonged to the Russian oligarch. The incident was announced on Wednesday by US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. US law enforcement officials “have recovered what appears to be a Fabergé … Read more