Yale, Princeton and Brown University are also competing for a Hungarian student

April 11, 2023 – 09:43 Mór Szepesi, a student at the American International School of Budapest (AISB), received admission offers from five Ivy League and several other American and English universities, which is also rare on an international level, writes the Eduline. Szepesi told the newspaper that he did not even dare to think about … Read more

A nine-year-old girl was killing insects. A neighbor called the police on her, a prestigious university awarded her

While in Europe we consider fireflies to be a pleasant addition to summer nights, in America they have problems with lamps. It is an invasive insect originally from East Asia that can cause problems for vegetation. So last fall, nine-year-old Bobbi Wilson armed herself with her own nozzle solution, made at home from water, dish … Read more