Jina Rab Yong Songyot lost her passion, unfortunately Nadao stopped taking care of the artist.

Jina Osotsilp, the executive of GDH, regrets that Nadao Bangkok has ended her role in taking care of artists, has not closed yet, admits that Yong Songyot has lost his passion, just resting and waiting to come back Follow the news, press follow, live news Date 18 May 65 Jina Osotsilp Chief Executive Officer of … Read more

“Yong Armchair” posted a sweet 10th anniversary of marriage. “Koi” fell in love at first sight.

Classified as another couple that many people like very hard. for a pair of famous singers Yong Armchair and beautiful wife Koi Walailak who care and love each other for a long time Among the army of fans that and the netizens who are always impressed by the cute moments of the two Most recently, … Read more

“Dao Surin” swims to show her fit figure is the reason why she loves 5 years. “Nong Yong” is very happy, wants to get married.

meet solo, join the sacrifice of the drama “dear mami” at Channel 3, Nong Khaem, where the actor participated, so asked about the netizens screaming at the picture of us taking off our shirts in the pool? “If you notice before, I will have some down. because I am a person who likes to swim … Read more

Shin Tae Yong and PSSI’s Different Attitudes About Crowded Rumakiek

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coach Indonesian National team Shin Tae Yong and PSSI show a different attitude towards the problem Many Rumakiek. Previously, Shin Tae Yong decided to impose sanctions on Ramai Rumakiek who did not respond to the summons of the Indonesia U-23 national team players projected for the 2021 SEA Games (2022). As … Read more

Shin Tae Yong Asks U-19 National Team Not to Fast During Trials

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Trainer Indonesian U-19 National Team Shin Tae Yong asking Muslim players not to worship fast Ramadan during trials in South Korea. In preparation for the U-20 World Cup in 2023, the U-19 national team has held a training camp in South Korea since early March. The TC in the Ginseng Country … Read more

Song Hye Kyo Shows Off to Meet Jang Ki Yong, Song Joong Ki’s Ex-Wife Appearance is Very Simple!

JakTimNews.com – Jang Ji Yong and Song Hye Kyo stealing more and more attention after successfully starring in the series Now We Are Breaking Up. Reportedly getting closer, Song Hye Kyo apparently take the time to visit Jang Ki Yong the other one conscription loh. Look beautiful but simple, let’s take a look at the … Read more

After Timor Leste, Indonesia’s U-23 National Team Waiting for Croatia and Greece, Shin Tae Yong Can you?

PotensiBadung.com – Indonesian National team Finally finished playing two FIFA Matchday matches which took place in January 2022. In the official FIFA agenda, Indonesian National team dominated by U-23 players successfully won two victories. Coach concoction team Shin Tae Yong This team managed to beat Timor Leste with a score of 4-1 and 3-0 at … Read more

The figure of Kakang Rudianto, the Wonderkid of Persib Bandung, was immediately called by Shin Tae Yong to enter the U23 National Team

PotensiBadung.com – Wonderkid Persib Bandung, Brother Rudianto became one of the names called by Shin Tae Yong to get inside national team Indonesia. Brother Rudianto called up along with 29 other players ahead of the match to be held in Cambodia. Name Brother Rudianto became a new name dala national team U23, the article wonderkid … Read more

This Candidate for Naturalization of the Indonesian National Team Makes Shin Tae Yong Relieved

GenPI.co – Prospective players naturalization The Indonesian national team, Mees Hilgers, was able to make Shin Tae Yong relieved as well as amazed by his struggles to become a reliable footballer. It says Shin Tae Yong can be relieved, because Mees Hilgers has a high spirit of independence. This will help him in adapting to … Read more

Yong Hong-taek, Vice Minister of Science and ICT visits Cheon Moon-yeon… Encourage Deep Space Research

Yong Hong-taek, 1st Vice Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, visited the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute in Daejeon on the 25th. We encouraged the research team developing the space payload and basic researchers in the space science field, and listened to their opinions on future research directions. Yong Hong-taek, Vice Minister … Read more