Egypt news | Science and Technology / Will humans on Mars be cyborgs? I know what it means and why would they need to transform?

While the idea of ​​living on Mars may sound like the plot of the latest science fiction movie, companies including NASA and SpaceX are seriously considering it as a near-reality, and there are many challenges standing in the way right now, including building a craft. A self-sufficient spacecraft that can safely transport the crew, finding … Read more

Covid-19: what is known about nasal vaccines against covid – Health

In this new phase of the pandemic, the effectiveness of the administered vaccines is analyzed and the need for booster doses for the most vulnerable people is debated. At the same time, research continues to go one step further in the fight against covid-19. Avoiding the transmission of the virus with new vaccines, or reducing … Read more

For lovers of adventure… Meet the new Nissan car! (video)

Nissan previewed the new Pathfinder, which has been modified to make it more suitable for lovers of adventures in the deserts and off-road. The new vehicle received a design that suggests strength compared to the previous Pathfinder cars, and the height of the bottom of the body from the ground has become 16 mm larger, … Read more

One of the best family cars… Meet the new “Wuling Jiachen” (video)

The Chinese industry giant SAIC showed off its new vehicle, which was designed to be one of the best family cars in terms of comfort and technology. The new Wuling Jiachen car came with a streamlined and elegant minivan chassis with a length of 4 meters and 78 centimeters, width of 182 centimeters, height of … Read more

The company “Haval” manufactures a powerful and advanced four-wheel drive… Meet the “Dargo” car (video)

The Chinese company Haval has announced its intention to manufacture Dargo’s premium SUV models in Russia. The new cars are characterized by a simple design that suggests strength and practicality similar to the designs of four-wheel drive Jeep cars. They also have a solid chassis with a length of 4 meters and 62 centimeters, the … Read more

A new car from “Toyota”… Meet the four-wheel drive “Sequoia” (video)

Toyota launched its new “Sequoia” car, with a large body measuring approximately 5 meters and 20 centimeters in length, designed to give it a strong appearance, and it was equipped with large wheels. The cabin of this car is also equipped with three rows of seats that can accommodate seven passengers, and the two rear … Read more

“Samsung” launches the new “Galaxy” phone… Learn about the features of the “Galaxy M33 5G”

Samsung revealed the specifications of its new “M” phone, which will be among the most competitive smart devices in terms of specifications and price. The new Galaxy M33 5G phone is supposed to get a water and dust resistant structure, and a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, with a display resolution of (2400/1080) pixels, a frequency … Read more

Among the most beautiful and most advanced vehicles… Learn about the new “Astra” from “Opel”! (Video)

The German “Opel” decided to make a qualitative leap in the world of family cars through the new Astra, which was designed to be among the most beautiful and most advanced vehicles for this year. The designers at Opel made sure that the new Astra combined in its design simplicity and features of technical development … Read more