BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” enters YouTube HOT 100 for 17 consecutive weeks jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News On January 26, according to Korean media sources, the song “My Universe” by the men’s group BTS has entered YouTube HOT 100 for 17 consecutive weeks, which once again confirmed the group’s high popularity and strength. According to the report, BTS xColdplay “My Universe” has entered YouTube HOT 100 for … Read more

Shin Ji-yeon, who was released after ‘Solo Hell’, is paying attention to the actual current situation.

Shin Ji-yeon’s recent situation in ‘Solo Hell’ draws attention. Shin Ji-yeon’s Instagram On the 23rd, Shin Ji-yeon’s first YouTube video surpassed 1 million views, ranking 9th on YouTube’s most popular video. ‘Likes’ also received more than 30,000. YouTube ‘SHIN JIYEON’ Previously, Shin Ji-yeon opened a YouTube channel on the 17th and uploaded her first video … Read more

YouTube viral: man throws fence at criminals to prevent their escape and network users congratulate him | Social networks

A subject was preparing to place some bars when he realized that a group of burglars he was fleeing on a motorcycle. It was thus that he threw the metal object and caused the criminals to derail. The scene was recorded in video and shared on YouTube. The citizen Argentinian revealed that he heard cries … Read more

Gonzálo Nuñez and Erick Osores get together in a sports program | SHOWS

Because good things repeat themselves. Four years had to pass for the long-awaited reunion between Gonzalo Nunez, Erick Osores and his longtime producer Alex Manrique. And it is that this trio of winners, promise to break it on social networks every Monday at 7:00 pm on their YouTube channel called Erick & Gonzalo. LOOK: Bruno … Read more

YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht/year, can apply until 23 Jan. 65

YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht/year, 119.91 baht per month, is a promotional price until 23 Jan. 65 Hurry up to apply before the time expires. YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht, can apply until 23 Jan. 65 YouTube has opened the package. YouTube Premium yearly price … Read more

Nastya, who is the girl who is among the highest paid on YouTube

Nastya is one of the highest paid people in the world for her videos on Youtube. Photo: Internet. Nastya is a girl from 7 years, emigrated from Russia, which has achieved more than 87.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and that places it as one of the highest paid youtubers in the world, that’s … Read more

YouTube will make fewer Originals programs – IT Pro – News

I find this a difficult thing to form an unequivocal opinion about. On the one hand, it is a fact that ‘black’ (term stimulates black/white thinking) or ‘colored’ (here also separation white = colorless / the rest = colored) people in America have it worse on average than other groups (incl. various migrant groups). Every … Read more

Youtube Tests Fast Download Feature for Android

After 20 videos are automatically downloaded, content offline will appear on the Downloads or Library page. This feature is almost identical to Youtube Music and is useful for those who have limited data plans or are regularly in areas with poor or no cellular coverage. The algorithm responsible for deciding what to download is pretty … Read more