Can you? What happens when a YouTuber tries to upgrade his MacBook Pro M1 to M2 himself!? (with clip)

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 chip model officially released This time, nothing has changed in appearance. But the big change point is probably the chipset. So… how will it be? What if we try to get the new M2 chip in the MacBook Pro M1!? I believe that many people will definitely have this question in … Read more

Cool, this YouTuber assembles his own PS5 Slim, Jakarta – PlayStation 5 (PS5) does have a larger body shape than consoles on the market today, such as the Xbox Series X|S, PS4 or PS4 Pro. Based on experience, Sony has usually launched “slim” models for its previous PlayStation consoles. However, until now Sony still has not revealed any information about the whereabouts … Read more

YouTuber dislikes the huge Sony PS5 console, DIY builds a slim PS5 Slim

The Sony PlayStation 5 (hereafter referred to as PS5) is the largest game console ever built. The disc version measures 390mm × 104mm × 260mm and weighs 4.5 kg. Even the digital version without the disc player measures 390mm × 92mm × 260mm. , weighs 3.9 kg. Such a huge shape has also become a … Read more

The appearance of the YouTuber who photographed with MrBeast, Logan Paul

After Bem shot a video with popular content creator MrBeast, his channel suddenly exploded. Beem posted a video titled “I just surprised MrBeast with a customized car!” in July 2021. Matthew Beam via YouTube Throughout 2020, Beem has posted several videos about popular YouTuber MrBeast, who currently has 96 million subscribers and is one of … Read more

YouTuber provides iPhone 13 with lossless USB-C functionality – Tablets and Phones – .Geeks

A YouTuber has fitted an iPhone 13 with a USB-C connection, without losing any functions. The modified device can charge quickly and is still waterproof. In a video he shows in detail how he managed to do this. Australian Josh of Restore Technique used the C94 circuit board from an Apple Lightning to USB-C cable, … Read more

Foreign YouTuber digs out Matrox old graphics card, and it is still easy to run “GTA5”

The current consumer graphics card market is mainly dominated by Nvidia, AMD and Intel, and most people should be confused about the name “Matrox”. Recently, a foreign YouTuber dug up an old graphics card. Although the specifications compared to modern graphics cards make players feel that it is an antique at all, it is old … Read more

A youtuber showed what an Assassin’s Creed would look like in the feudal era of Japan

Concept Trailer del Assassins Creed Infinity the content creator TeaserPlay once again celebrates a viral success: this time, the networks clamor for its trailer for Assassin’s Creed redesigned in the new graphics engine Unreal Engine 5. This time it is not a reimagining of some franchise title (as it was the last of Silent Hill), … Read more

Quality upgrade: Youtuber tested Assassin’s Creed Origins on PS5 and Xbox Series after a 60 FPS patch

Youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits published a technical analysis video on his channel Assassin’s Creed Origins for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S after the 60 FPS patch. As with Odyssey last year, Ubisoft has done a quality job. Keep in mind that this is just an update to the backwards compatibility version, so no visual changes have … Read more

YouTuber removes Nintendo soundtracks after receiving over 500 copyright complaints.

After receiving more than 500 copyright claims from Nintendo, DeoxysPrime, a YouTube account with 165,000 subscribers that hosts all kinds of video game soundtracks, had to delete its entire Nintendo music library. Good luck to anyone who still wants to have Nintendo music on YouTube,” the YouTuber said. DeoxyPrime spoke on Twitter to say : … Read more

Nintendo forces a youtuber to remove multiple videos for using its soundtracks

The news that we bring you today is another of the many cases reported by users who have had to close their YouTube channels dedicated to uploading music from Nintendo licenses for copyright infringement. As reported since VGCDeoxysPrime, a well-known channel dedicated to the preservation of nintendo video game soundtracks, Sonic y Mega Manamong others, … Read more