Donations for the cat station – Schwetzinger Zeitung / Hockenheimer Zeitung

Ketsch.The donation from the campaign by young people together with the mobile youth work Brühl / Ketsch (MJA), as donations in kind, food or cash donations for the cat sanctuary Noah’s Ark on the market square (we reported), has now taken place, MJA reports . It was planned, however, to bring the donations to the … Read more

Accident statistics: it crashes more often in the Westerwaldkreis than elsewhere – Westerwälder Zeitung

It is and will remain the most popular form of transport for Germans: the car. At the beginning of this year, Germany had 47.7 million registered passenger cars, an increase of more than half a million vehicles compared to 2019. And where there is a lot of driving, many accidents also happen. The Generali insurance … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Niklaus and Melchior Glatthard follow suit

Brienz / Interlaken / Zurich | January 1, 2021 The Bernese Oberland law firm Advokatur und Notariat Glatthard is growing by two young lawyers from the region in January. At the same time, the law firm expands to Zurich. Reinforcement in the Bernese Oberland law firm Glatthard lawyers and notaries. Father Adrian Glatthard will be … Read more

Donation for the small swimming pool – Nürtinger Zeitung

Focus Home »News» Region <!– <!– Region –> <!– –> Region 31.12.2020 05:30, — Print article Send email <!– –> The annual Christmas donation of the SV Sparkassen-Versicherung area directorate Owen goes this year to the swimming pool association in Neuffener Tal. The SV Owen team has also called for more exercise and donations for … Read more

Education without fees – Schwetzinger Zeitung / Hockenheimer Zeitung

Altlußheim.The local SPD association invited constituency member Daniel Born, spokesman for early childhood education, to an online dialogue and selected a topic that met with great interest. The focus of the event was the exemption from fees from the beginning. “The SPD pushed through the abolition of tuition fees in the last state government against … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – head-to-head race in Wattenwil

Municipal elections | December 21, 2020 Instead of community meetings, politics currently lives through the ballot box. In many places there were votes and elections under special circumstances. But that did not prevent many from casting their vote. An overview of the communities. This year his vote must be heard at the ballot box.Photo: Keystone, … Read more

Mortgage Outsourcing Market 2020-2020 Industry Insights, Company Overview and Investment Analysis – Munchen Zeitung

Global Mortgage Outsourcing Market 2020 research report is a professional and thorough study of the state-of-the-art global mortgage outsourcing industry. The Mortgage Outsourcing Market report is a comprehensive study that contains information related to the Mortgage Outsourcing market size, trends, growth, cost structure, capacity, revenue, and forecast 2026. This report also includes product specifications, manufacturing … Read more

No fee for daycare centers – Schwetzinger Zeitung / Hockenheimer Zeitung

Region.A few months ago, Daniel Born, member of the state parliament, called the daycare fees a family tax in a state parliament speech and thus put his finger in the wound. “We have to encourage and support families – it does not fit that families must continue to pay a fee for the first educational … Read more