For 14.99 euros you can dance with it in the shower – multimedia

The shower becomes a dance floor: With Vappeby, Ikea has a waterproof loudspeaker on offer. You get good Bluetooth sound for little money. Vappeby: That’s the name of a small loudspeaker the Ikea new has in the assortment. The device turns the shower into a dance floor. The colleagues from “20 minutes” have tested the … Read more

Do this on the plane so as not to get sick – health

With a few simple tricks, you can halve the risk of infection on an airplane by 50 percent. airplanes have some of the most advanced ventilation systems in the world and protect against diseases by constantly exchanging air. This is especially valuable during cold and flu season, when the cramped quarters can be a breeding … Read more

who is Diego? The truth will surprise fans of Tomorrow belongs to us Lemberger Zeitung

Should we worry about Diego in DNA ? It is an understatement to say that since his arrival in tomorrow belongs to us, Diego brings with him a lot of mysteries: who is he? What really happened to him? Is he really amnesic? Questions for which answers are expected, to which a new question has … Read more

Scarlett Johansson hit rock bottom as an actress after being turned down in an excellent sci-fi movie Lemberger Zeitung

Scarlett Johansson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, but there was a time when she was not at all happy with how far she had come in her career. Indeed, she herself admitted to Variety that she felt lost and that there was a specific moment when she was about to throw … Read more

Shocking NASA discovery – ‘may cause mass death’ – Science

So-called “supernovas” can pose a threat to life on earth. This is the conclusion of a startling study by NASA. When a star explodes, it can have more catastrophic effects on Earth than previously thought. That’s the conclusion of a startling study by a research team using NASA’s Chandra X-ray telescope and other X-ray telescopes. … Read more

“With a schnitzel for 28 euros, I only have a profit of 1 euro” – Austria News

Restaurateur Sepp Schellhorn blasted critics who accused innkeepers like him of “greed inflation”. “I only make a profit of €1 on the schnitzel.” Ex-Neo MP Sepp Schellhorn made headlines with his all-round blow: According to him, a high-quality schnitzel should cost far more than the 28 euros he was asking for. Because according to a … Read more

Unemployed Viennese desperate: “€5,600 just for electricity” – readers

In Vienna’s Donaustadt district, an unemployed family is utterly horrified: The electricity bill is just under 5,600 euros. A family of four from Vienna’s Donaustadt district is on the verge of despair. Patricia (30) and her husband Marko (45) have been looking for a job for five months. Last year they moved into a council … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – This is how Trauffer and the band rocked the Sagibachhalle

Over 8000 enthusiastic fans | 6. May 2023 Alpentainer Marc Trauffer and his band rocked the stage in the Sagibach sports complex in Wichtrach three times over two days. Six articulated lorries of material, 120 crew members and over 8,000 fans made the pilgrimage to the village of 4,000 on the last weekend in April … Read more

Breathing through your nose makes you more beautiful and healthier – health

“In through the nose, out through the mouth” – that’s an old saying. However, switching to exclusively nasal breathing has many advantages. Pay attention to your breathing: Are you breathing through your nose or through your mouth? If the latter is the case, then you should switch to nasal breathing. Experts say it can have … Read more

Here’s why you should update your iPhone now – digitally

Apple now recommends the iOS 16.4.1 (a) update. Gaps in the iPhone system should be fixed more quickly with the new security measures. Rapid Security Response (RSR) – quick security measure: This is the name of a new update that can be installed on Apple devices. With the function, the iPhone manufacturer wants to be … Read more