Coronavirus, Trentino one step away from the yellow zone: 4 more people in intensive care and there is another death

TRENTO. They are missing 3 hospital admissions and it will be surpassed too the last parameter to trigger the yellow zone also in Trentino (le intensive therapies have already exceeded 10% of employment e the 7-day incidence exceeds 200 cases on the 100,000 inhabitants when the threshold was set at 50). The two additional hospitalizations, … Read more

Alarm for Xavi! Barca Closer to Relegation Zone

Barcelona – Xavi Hernandez seems to have to work extra hard. Barcelona, now the difference in points is closer to the relegation zone than to the leader of the standings, Real Madrid. Barcelona lost 0-1 to Real Betis in continued spanish league, on Saturday (4/12) evening WIB. It was also the first defeat suffered by … Read more

All parameters worsen, the Covid 1 department is being prepared but the risk of the yellow zone seems to have been averted

The risk of a “yellow zone” seems to have been averted. Valle d’Aosta is about to stay for another week in the “white zone”, even if it is in the balance for almost all the expected parameters. The number of total positive cases would be “yellow”, as well as the incidence of hospitalizations, which in … Read more

Recent data: The number of municipalities that have fled the black zone is increasing

According to the data submitted on Wednesday, these are the 7 municipalities of the country, all of which fall into the red epidemiological zone. This zone includes Zarasai district municipality, Pasvalys district municipality. Varėna district municipality, Rietavas municipality, Plungė district municipality, Klaipėda district municipality and Neringa municipality. The best epidemiological situation is recorded in Neringa … Read more

Tourists from the “red zone” are already entering our country without a PCR test

New rules for entering Bulgaria come into force today, Nova TV reports. The PCR test for tourists arriving from the “red zone” but who have a green certificate is dropped. This includes citizens of countries where the 14-day incidence is over 500 per 100,000. In the event that those entering our country from countries in … Read more

The New Zealand coach disgusted by the organization of qualifying for the zone … / 2022 World Cup / New Zealand /

Qatar, this fabulous country in Oceania. As approximate as the geography of Eurovision is with Australia, the 2022 World Cup qualifier for the Oceania zone will take place in the host country of the competition. A special place when it took place in the Tonga archipelago in 2017 for the qualification for the World Cup … Read more

Covid, 3 deaths in Calabria today, 285 new cases and +6 hospitalizations: the “yellow zone” is approaching

Coronavirus: the official bulletin with all the data of the pandemic in Calabria updated to today, Tuesday 30 November Today in Calabria 3 dead, 147 healed e 285 new cases on Coronavirus its 7.348 processed swabs. In the last 24 hours in Calabria the 3,88% of the processed swabs. The Bulletin of the Region provides … Read more

Yellow zone, 3 regions exceed the hospital occupancy limit: what are they

The contagion in Italy and the first ones return after two months yellow areas: this is the case of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which, starting from Monday 29 November 2021, will observe some restrictions that do not exist in the other regions (the one still colored in white). However, the situation is constantly evolving. Increases in … Read more

Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone

Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone 2021-11-27 12:56:22Source: Beijing Youth Daily “Female Psychologist” no longer be the “sister next door” Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of my comfort zone Through Qiu Yingying of “Ode to Joy”, Tong Nian of “Dear, Loved” and the upcoming drama “Please advise for the rest of my … Read more

“Solar Orbiter” probe has to cross a zone with space debris

The space probe “Solar Orbiter” will fly past Earth at a relatively low altitude on Saturday. To do this, she has to cross the clouds of space debris, which means that the flyby also poses a certain risk, as the Institute for Space Research (IWF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) announced on Thursday. … Read more