The Professional League Cup was drawn and Boca went to the “Group of Death”: the zones and the fixture

The wait is over. Next October 30 was the date set by the AFA and the Professional Football League, in consensus with the national government, to the return of First Division football. More than seven months after the suspension due to the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, the competition draw was held that will serve … Read more

Mobility restrictions in Madrid already affect one million people in 45 health zones | Madrid

With the Government of Pedro Sánchez and that of Isabel Díaz Ayuso faced by the measures that Madrid should or should not take To contain the virus, the residents of eight new basic areas of the community, five of them in the capital, one in Fuenlabrada and two in Alcorcón, have dawned this Monday with … Read more

Health take measures by zones “when we have an assistance pressure that is not able to withstand” – Local News

The Health counseling monitor the healthcare pressure by covid-19 in Andalusian hospitals. This is not the only argument, but it is one of the key ones, according to the Junta de Andalucía. That is why they ensure that in certain areas “when I am not able to hold Measures will be taken to preserve and … Read more

Coronavirus, curfew in 40 cities in Israel | in France create 7 red zones

06 September 2020 22:19 The victims of Covid-19 in the world have exceeded 880 thousand while the infections are close to the threshold of 27 million. United States, Brazil and India are the three countries most affected by the pandemic The victims of Covid-19 in the world have exceeded 880 thousand while the infections are … Read more

ProRail will dismantle hundreds of smoking zones at major stations in September | NOW

ProRail and NS have started making all platforms at Dutch train stations smoke-free. A smoking ban has been in place for most of the stations since 2004, but now the smoking zones are also being dismantled. From 1 October, there will be no more smoking poles or smoking zones on the platforms. In September, ProRail … Read more

Departures in red zones: to get around the rules, Belgians take the plane from a foreign airport

At the beginning of July, the FPS Foreign Affairs set up a system of color codes (green, orange and red) assigned to the various foreign countries. The color chosen depends on the epidemiological situation of the country. All travel to a red zone is now prohibited, except if it is an essential trip (due to … Read more

IRobot lets Roomba i7 and S9 models identify furniture and zones – Household – News

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot provides various Roombas and the Braava mopping robot with the ability to recognize more detailed areas in the home. The more expensive models can then not only recognize a room, but also specific objects in the house. The manufacturer is implementing the changes in a new version of the iRobot app. … Read more

Why don’t Brussels Airlines and Ryanair cancel their flights to red zones?

With the Covid-19 crisis, traveling by plane has become a real headache for many Belgians. You have to be able to juggle between countries, regions or cities placed in red, orange, or green zones. Especially since the color codes change quickly: a traveler can leave for a green zone, but be quarantined on his return … Read more

Who are the heads of the Regions and Zones of the Venezuelan Counterintelligence Directorate and what positions do they hold?

The General Directorate of Counterintelligence of Venezuela (DGCIM) is the institution with the most acts of torture and death in the countryThe new deputy director of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) is Major General (GNB) Carlos Ramón Enrique Carvallo Guevara, who thus replaces the declared pro-Cuban GD Rafael Ramón Blanco Marrero. This is … Read more