A fire in the rue de l’Abbaye in Herstal in the Hauts Sarts zoning (photos)

************ *** ******* **** ** ********* *** ** ******** ********* ********** ************* *** ******* ** ****** ****** ******** ************** ****** *** ******** ** ****** * ****** ** ******* ********** ** **** ********* ********* ** ******** *** ******* **** ** ******** *** * **** *** **** *** ********* ** **** **** ************* ***** ******* ******* ** … Read more

Big fire in the Chaineux/Petit-Rechain zoning (video)

Close your windows! Firefighters from the Vesdre – Hoëgne & Plateau rescue zone arrived on site around 6 p.m. The rescue zone asked the nearby population to close the doors and windows of their homes because of the potentially toxic fumes. An SMS was also sent via the Be-Alert system to all the residents concerned, … Read more

Announcement of PPDB West Sumatra 2022 Results for SMA Phase 3 Zoning Path Today, How to See Passed West Sumatra 2022 PPDB

PURWOKERTO PORTAL– Announcement how to see results PPDB West Sumatra 2022 SMA Phase 3 Zoning paths will be shared in this article. Ada 2 how to see selection results PPDB West Sumatra 2022 level SMA for the Zoning Line scheduled for today2 July 2022. Registration zoning line PPDB West Sumatra 2022 is the last registration … Read more

He hits a truck on the highway, flees with his rolled car and hides in the zoning

The car, whose passenger side was completely smashed, continued on its way to then take the Spy exit and hide in Spy’s artisanal zoning. Road and Jemeppe-sur-Sambre police teams went to the scene but when they discovered the wreckage of the car, the driver had disappeared. The MD convenience store in Namur was called upon … Read more

Does the zoning line have to match the KK?

Jakarta – PPDB DKI 2022 entering the SD account submission stage and pre-registration for SMP, SMA, and SMK starting May 17, 2022. After submitting an account, participants can register for schools according to the chosen path, one of which is the Zoning Path. This year, do students have to register for the Zoning Path according … Read more

Jokowi Warns for Mouth Nail Disease, Asks for Zoning Lockdown-Form of Task Force

Jakarta – President Jokowi warned of nail and mouth disease from livestock. Jokowi asked Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo to implement lockdown zoning to prevent mutations of the disease. “Be careful, yesterday we talked to the ministers about nail and mouth disease. I ask the Minister of Agriculture to do this immediately. lockdown zonasi, lockdown … Read more

A vehicle crashes into the facade of the Vanden Borre store in the Froyennes zoning

Published on Friday, March 4, 2022 at 12:27 p.m. By Mickaël Delfosse There was unrest this Friday morning on the side of the commercial zone of Froyennes, in the entity of Tournai. Indeed, a vehicle ended up partly inside the store. An unfortunate position for this vehicle which ended up there completely involuntarily! Indeed, a … Read more