Gopher from the Poznań Zoo at large!

Added Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 20.50 This time, 33 animals were released. – Every year at this time, the time of freedom for the European ground squirrel bred here comes – scientists from the Polish Society for Nature Conservation “Salamandra” catch some animals (the remaining ones will continue to breed here) and release them into … Read more

Burešová birth plan: Forejt won’t like that

A well-known chef and versatile artist Premek Forejt (34) will support Eve during childbirth. But he does not like the practices he has Burešová in the plan, will they like it, is the question. Eva decided to honor the old, ancient traditions. Pregnant Eva Burešová already knows the sex of the baby! But the name … Read more

Twins of an endangered red panda were born in the Liberec Zoo

“The perfect care of mothers seems to make them grow and thrive. They are fed exclusively with mother’s milk, and although they can already see, their movement abilities are still limited,” said Tesařová. When they will show themselves to visitors to the zoo, breeders cannot accurately estimate. “In the exposition, the pair of cubs will … Read more

Twin pandas at Ueno Zoo are 1 year old! Looking back on the growth from the “pink” appearance at birth to climbing trees and “very scenes” (1/3) | 8760 by postseven

The twin pandas Xiao Xiao (male) and Ray Ray (female) at Ueno Zoo have celebrated their first year of birth. To commemorate that, we look back on our growth so far. Twin pandas born on June 23, 2021. The newborn Xiao Xiao weighed 124g and Ray Ray weighed 146g, which was small enough to fit … Read more

European fund buys biggest zoo in the North – Tourism & Leisure

At the end of the last century, the branch of the Guedes family that owns Aveleda wines decided to give new life to Quinta de Santo Inácio, in Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, a 15-hectare space with eucalyptus, pine, oak and a large orchard. . In 2000, the Santo Inácio Zoo was inaugurated, which is … Read more

New York court: elephant Happy is not a person and stays in the zoo | Abroad

According to the organization, Happy deserves the same freedom as a human being and her imprisonment is therefore illegal. Happy is depressed and confused as a result of her captivity, the indictment said, and must be transferred to an environment more closely matched to her natural habitat. However, five of the seven judges ruled that … Read more

The lion’s reaction was a hit. The footage from the zoo already has 1 million plays – o2

The power of social media is making surprising and intriguing videos spread across the globe. This was also the case with a video shared by one of the profiles dealing with nature. The “Nature Beauty” profile has published a video on Instagram where you can see a child trying to play with a lion. The … Read more