20 favorites (without obligation) for tomorrow’s Nobel Prize in Literature

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Narrative. Daughter and victim of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, her response to her trauma consisted of a work made up of almost mystical stories, in intimate dialogue with nature. It was only published in Spanish starting in 2022. A book: Border (Hermida Editions).

Theater and narrative. Author of very poetic pieces, often experimental, and narrative texts in the wake of Thomas Bernhard in which the characters are taken to the limit of despair while still receiving a compassionate gaze. A book: Trilogy (On Efforts).

Narrative. Cult narrator in his country. His texts start from vague novelistic approaches to become obsessive and virtuous investigations into memory. Something like a writer of inward travel books. A book: The plains (Lower case).

Poetry. Drawing from his training in Greco-Latin culture (his fascination with literature began with the discovery of Sappho), Carson has expanded the potential of poetry to the limits of the essay, autofiction, and mythical narrative. A book: Eros, sweet and bitter (Lumen).

Narrative. His novels have been a testimony of the underground life of the Soviets during the dictatorship, of the inevitable tension and attraction between Jewish and Christian culture and of the dream of literature as a consolation in the face of life. A book: Soniechka (Anagram).

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