A 58-year-old man is arrested for trying to shoot a civil guard with a hunting shotgun at the Toledo barracks

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The Civil Guard arrested early this Wednesday a 58 year old man that he went to the Toledo Command headquarters with a hunting shotgun and, after struggling with an agent, he fired two shotss that, thanks to the action of the civil guard, they were prevented from hitting any agent.

In a press release, the Civil Guard explained that the man arrived with his vehicle at the door of the Command around 0:40 a.m. and He took out a hunting shotgun with the intention of, “allegedly”, attacking the life of a civil guard that was in the place.

One of the agents of the Barracks Security Unit who was on his way to identify said man, He struggled with him and managed to deflect the shots into the air twice. which he carried out to prevent them from hitting any agent.

Afterwards, four agents from said Unit snatched the shotgun from him and subdued him without any agent or the shooter suffering any personal injuries.

The man has been arrested for two alleged crimes of attempted murder and one crime of attack against law enforcement officials and will be brought to judicial custody by the Organic Units of the Judicial Police (UOPJ) of the Toledo Command upon completion of the proceedings.

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