A computer problem causes the Galician Health systems to go down for hours

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And informatical issue yesterday affected Galician Health Service and caused the patients’ clinical history to not be consulted in any health center or hospital in all of Galicia. This caused, according to ‘La Voz de Galicia’, that treatments could not be prescribed or sick leave processed for much of this Tuesday afternoon.

According to sources from the Ministry of Health, the problem was due to a “major voltage spike in the electrical network” that caused a generalized outage of the systems and affected the data processing center where the central servers.

During this morning the problem was solved and this morning the system was already working normally. Several professionals consulted by the aforementioned media assure that this is not the first time that a system outage of this type has occurred and that in recent weeks there have already been specific outages but, unlike on this occasion, they were resolved quickly.

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