A drone attack on the financial district of Moscow temporarily closes an airport in Moscow

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One person was injured and traffic at one of the four airports around Moscow was temporarily closed after three Ukrainian drones attacked the Russian capital early Sunday, according to Russian authorities.

The attack was the fourth of its kind against the capital region this month and the third this week, fueling fears about the Moscow vulnerability against military incursions as Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its 18th month.

The Russian Defense Ministry described the incident as an “attempted terrorist attack by the kyiv regime.”

One of the drones was shot down on the outskirts of Moscow by the air defense systems and two more were neutralized with electronic interference. The last two fell in the Moscow City business district in the capital.

Photographs of the place where a drone crashed showed the damaged facade on one of the levels of a skyscraper. The attack “insignificantly damaged” the outer area of ​​two buildings in a central district, according to the city’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin. A security guard was injuredaccording to the Russian state news agency Tass, citing emergency officials.

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