A firefighting helicopter is disabled in Tenerife by a stone when it was replenishing water

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Agents of the Civil Guard of the Güímar Post, in Tenerife, have arrested a man, of 80 years old and resident of the municipalityas the alleged perpetrator of a crime in Air Navigation by throwing a stone at a helicopter that was fighting fire on the island.

Rosa Davilapresident of the Cabildo de Tenerife, has revealed this Tuesday that the helicopter has become inoperative after receiving the edrada when it was replenishing water in an agricultural tank.

The president has attributed this performance to the hoaxes that are spreading and that may cause “some people to do this type of thing for fear of losing their crops”, despite the fact that all the water that has been collected to fight the fire will be replaced.

“It is very important that we can work calmly and without more risk than the media already have in their work,” asked Rosa Dávila, to warn that the only official source of information “is this table”, alluding to the facilities of the Emergency and Security Coordination Center 112 from where the fire assessment meetings and press conferences take place.

Dávila has insisted that it is very dangerous to alarm because “then this type of thing occurs” and has confirmed that the civil Guard has already acted in relation to the incident suffered by the helicopter.

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