A former member of the FARC dies after being arrested in a demonstration in Buenos Aires

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Former member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Argentine photojournalist molarsalias ‘Camilo el argentino’, died this Thursday in Buenos Aires while participating in a demonstration at the Obeliskon the main avenue of the Argentine capital, which was repressed by the local Police.

molars was arrested along with other colleagues when they tried to set fire to an urn in the framework of a Demonstration of left-wing groups against the “electoral farce”within the framework of elections to be held in Argentina this Sundayaccording to information from the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

At that moment, Molars suffered a decompensationfor which the agents performed cardiopulmonary recovery maneuvers (CPR).

The man was transferred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital, in the capital, where the health workers continued the resuscitation work, but they could only certify his death due to cardiorespiratory arrest which, according to the capital authorities, was the product of risk factors.

In the videos released after the protestthe deceased can be seen with the face against the grounddetained by a police officer, while other protesters insist that “it is purple” so that they turn it around and, given the situation, they begin to ask for “an ambulance”.

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