A man arrested after burning down his house in Zaragoza with his family inside

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Agents of the National Police have arrested a man of 31 years who set fire to his home in the Battle of Lepanto street in Zaragoza while several of his family members were inside the property, one of whom, his fatherwas trapped in an interior terrace and had to be rescued by firefighters.

The alert voice was given about the 20.30 hours through a telephone call made from the street to the 091 police emergency service by the brother of the suspect, who managed to leave the building with his mother.

As reported by the complainant upon the arrival of the police, the alleged perpetrator of the fire, who was imprisoned yesterday by order of the head of the Zaragoza duty court as responsible for the attempted homicide of his family members and for a crime of serious threats, caused a fire in one of the rooms from the house after having a violent argument while his brother and his father They were still inside the house at that time.

The police officers evicted all the residents of the property but they could not get his father out of the suspect’s apartment, who had taken refuge in an interior terrace due to the smoke caused by the fire and who had to be rescued by the firefighters who went to the scene of the accident. . An hour later After the intervention carried out, the agents detained the suspect in the street and transferred him to police stations, where he showed a continuous violent attitude, with disorders in the cells and constant threats to the police officers in charge of his custody.

The researchers were able to determine that not only nor was it the first time that the alleged perpetrator of the events was threatening his family, but that a few days before the fire had tried to run over intentionally to a third person.

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