A man arrested for alleged sexual assault of a minor in Cieza (Murcia)

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The Civil Guard has arrested a man for an alleged sexual assault on a minor, He hit and tried to subdue him in the middle of a public street In the town of Cieza.

The events took place at dawn in the urban area of ​​Cieza, when the victim, a minor, She was heading towards her home and was violently assaulted. by a young man who did not stop uttering lewd expressions at her while he violently grabbed her and tried to take her to a dark container area.

At one point during the struggle, the minor He managed to get away from his attacker and flee the scene, finding refuge in a local cafeteria where he recounted what had just happened to him.

A patrol from the Cieza Local Police arrived at the scene and found at the scene of the attack, on the ground, next to the containers, a mobile terminal and the minor’s sweatshirt.

Benemérita Citizen Security Prevention Officers took charge of the investigation of the events to clarify them. The first steps of the operation were carried out in the place where the attack had been committed, with the aim of collecting all possible evidence and identifying the perpetrator.

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