A new DANA brings showers and intense storms to the southeast of the peninsula this Tuesday

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A new DANA that approaches the southwest of the peninsula will bring new showers and storms starting this Tuesday that will move from Melilla to the south of the peninsula, although it may also affect other areas such as the west of the iBalearic Islandsaccording to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

In addition to the instability generated by this phenomenon, the forecast for the next few hours warns of cloudy intervals in the north of the peninsula with some weak rain on the eastern Cantabrian coast, the north of Iberia, the northern face of the Pyrenees and the Catalan coasts, as well as such as high haze in the south of the peninsula and Melilla.

In Canary Islands There will also be cloudy intervals in the north of the islands with some weak precipitation in those with greater relief.

Minimum temperatures will drop in the interior northwest, Pyrenees and Cataloniaand the maximums will increase on the Atlantic slope and decrease in the Mediterranean area, without major changes in the rest of the national territory.

The winds will blow from the southwest on the coast of Galicia and an eastern component in the eastern Mediterranean area, with trade winds in the Canary Islands and variable light winds in the rest.

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