A police officer sentenced for stealing a mobile when investigating a mobile theft in a store

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The second section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña has sentenced thirteen months in prison and disqualification for a National Police agent who stole a mobile phone when he was investigating the theft of several terminals in a telephone store in the city. The sentence, dated June 20, released this Thursday by the Superior Court of Xustiza in Galicia, condemns the agent for the crime of theft with the aggravating circumstance of his function at that time.

The proven facts show that on July 16, 2017 there was a robbery at a telephone store in A Coruña, which the thieves accessed through a hole in the ceiling. The store staff alerted the National Police, who sent a crew that included the now convicted agent, who saw what had happened and took the opportunity to steal a mobile phone.

“Taking advantage of the disorder generated in the establishment and that the person in charge, due to her status as an official of the National Police Force, was not going to suspect his behavior or pay special attention to him, the defendant surreptitiously seized one of the mobile terminals that were in the establishment, specifically a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Blue phone, whose retail price was 722 euross”, relata.

The Court explains that “he took it from the premises and kept it for himself, in the belief that, given the number of stolen devices, the person in charge of the business would think that he was part of those who initially took the author or authors of the robbery “.

For this reason, he has been sentenced to thirteen months in prison and disqualified from working as a police officer during the time of the sentence. He must also compensate the store with 722 euros, the value of the stolen terminal, and pay the costs derived from the cause.

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