A resident of Pelahustán is arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the death of the owner of a bar

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This Monday afternoon, the Civil Guard arrested a resident of Pelahustán, in Toledo, as the alleged perpetrator of the death of María Belén Sánchez Moreno, 45-year-old bar owner The Boyeríawhose lifeless body was found last weekend on a road near the town with signs of violence.

The detainee is considered the alleged perpetrator of a crime of homicide, as reported this Tuesday by the Civil Guard, which adds that secrecy of the proceedings has been decreed.

The lifeless body of María Belén was found at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday by the Civil Guard on the path of the Hermitageat the entrance of the municipality, with signs of violence, after it was reported that he had not returned from the bicycle ride which he did daily.

The Pelahustán Town Hall, a small town of about 400 inhabitants in the Sierra de San Vicentehas called a rally this Tuesday to condemn the death of María Belén, a very beloved and well-known neighbor since she ran the bar. The Boyería.

The mayor, Roberto García, in statements to Efe, has indicated that This crime has provoked “hatred and rejection” among the neighbors, and recalled that a person has already been arrested this past Monday in relation to the events.

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