A storm that emerged from the remains of the DANA and Hurricane Franklin will leave rain in the northwest of the peninsula

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A new storm originated with the remains of the DANA that recently hit large areas of Spain and the hurricane franklin It will bring rain from this Thursday and at least this Sunday, especially to the northwest quadrant of the peninsula, but also to nearby areas.

“A storm is located in the Atlantic to the west of the peninsula. And it is a curious storm because it is a storm formed by the fusion of the remains of the DANA that affected the peninsula and what was originally the tropical cyclone Franklin It is a merger of these two systems that have become a classic Atlantic storm and currently does not present any tropical characteristics,” according to Ruben del Campospokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Thus, this Thursday the approach to the northwest of the peninsula of a center of low pressure occurs, the result of the merger between the remains of the ex-Franklin storm and a cold low that, in turn, came from the DANA for days previous.

This process is not expected to cause significant adverse phenomena. There will be clouds with possible showers and storms in the northwest third, more likely in Galicia, Asturias and the north of the northern plateau.

Although in general they will tend to subside in the last hours, the rainfall could continue in areas of the Northern Plateau. In addition, the approach of the Atlantic storm could give more showers and storms at the end of the day in western Galicia.

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