A ufologist shows two alleged extraterrestrials in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico: "It’s a farce, a crude montage"

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If in the US NASA has hired apanel of reputable independent scientists to analyze what used to be called UFOs, and now have become UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), in Mexico they have carried out this week the first public hearing for the possible legislation of unidentified anomalous aerial phenomena in that country.

But even in a session focused on aliens, what has happened in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies has been surprising, where the ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan has made an unusual presentation with which he has, of course, managed to draw attention to the alien thing: has shown two inert creatures which, according to this alien search engine, would belong to beings from another world. Next to the creatures, a sign read: “non-human bodies (‘non-human’, underlined), with only three fingers and elongated heads.”

“They are two beings that were recovered in Peru in a diatom mine, dried bodies found between the cities of Palpa and Benasque in 2017 that have been thoroughly investigated by researchers, journalists and scientists,” Maussan said, noting that The discovery occurred near the famous Nazca Lines and stating that “they are not part of our terrestrial evolution.” Citing alleged research conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the program’s host Third millennium He has stated that the two alleged bodies would be more than a thousand years old.

It is not surprising that the video of the appearance, broadcast on Mexican television, is quickly going viral, although in the opinion of the prestigious Spanish paleoanthropologist Miguel Botella, the best thing we could do is not pay attention to Jaime Maussan because he considers that we are facing “a farce” and “a crude montage” that does not deserve credibility. “Just looking at them, I think they are neither humans nor aliensI think they are dolls, not dried bodies,” explains the director of the Anthropology Laboratory at the University of Granada by phone, who also highlights how “stereotyped” the creatures he has shown are.

“Maussan is famous in the world, he lives by looking for aliens, making programs and writing in magazines,” says Botella, who met the Mexican ufologist in person when he asked him to examine another supposedly extraterrestrial creature that he called “the being.”

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