A well-known businessman from Murcia is hiding behind the nightclub that caught fire

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The Murcia Theater nightclub It was a place in decline. It had reached its peak between 2000 and 2010 but, progressively, the public changed the peripheral leisure offered by the unlicensed nightclub in which 13 people died on Sunday – it is located in an industrial estate – and returned to the pubs of the city ​​center. In the midst of an exodus of clientele, a well-known businessman of the Murcian nightlife, Marco Andrés Martínez Alcázar, He raised his voice. It was the year 2018.

A crusade began for young people to retrace their path and return to the outskirts. “We must return to the situation we had before 2012 (…) I, even at Teatre, had agreements with hotels and there were weekends when we offered the club package with the hotel room,” he cried. To do this, she used the Association of Entrepreneurs for Quality Leisure (ECO) which had been created in 2015 and which, according to sources in the Murcia hospitality industry, “few businessmen if not none” are part of it.

Martínez Alcázar was its president. He was also, according to local publications of the time, the owner of Teatre. «Everyone in Murcia knows that Teatre is theirs»agrees with a large group of hotel businessmen consulted by this newspaper.

However, the person who has appeared in charge of Teatre Murcia SL since 2017 – the company that manages the party room in the tragedy – is another. Is about Juan English Reda name foreign to the hospitality circuit of the Region “we don’t know who he is”, resolve the same sources. Despite not appearing as the owner of the nightclub in the tragedy in 2017, Martínez Alcázar even acted before the Murcia City Council on behalf of the company that managed the nightclub at that time, according to the documentation he has had. access THE WORLD.

He did it three months before, reveals the Commercial Registry, before Inglés Rojo took charge of Teatre and from a company – Cool Levante SL Group.- of which, according to the Commercial Registry and hoteliers consulted, “it has never been a part.”

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