A young man with hundreds of manuals on jihadism and making explosives arrested in Pamplona

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Agents of the National Police have arrested in Pamplona a young man aligned with the postulates of DAESH who had hundreds of manuals for the production of explosives for terrorist self-training in an operation coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National audience and directed by the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court, which has ordered his entry into provisional prison.

The detainee is a 19-year-old Moroccan young man who shared a flat with another person, according to investigation sources. He is accused of his alleged participation in terrorist collaboration crimes, among which was indoctrination, recruitment y recruitment.

The operation, which has been developed jointly by the General Information Commission and the Provincial Information Brigade of Pamplona, ​​has had the collaboration of the Provincial Information Brigade of Almería, the National Intelligence Center (CNI), the Direction Générale of the Surveillance du Territoire (DGST) of Morocco and the EUROPOL agency, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

The agents in charge of the investigation have highlighted the detainee’s ability to lead a double life: while he trained himself and indoctrinated himself through the Internet, his public life developed within normality, going completely unnoticed.

The investigation began in mid-2022 when experts in the fight against terrorism detected an individual aligned with the tenets of DAESH who was disseminating, through his social networks, radical and violent jihadist material that encouraged committing crimes. terrorist actions.

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